Night at the Museum at Campbell School Huge Hit

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Night_at_the_Museum4.JPGOn a dark, chilly night in January Campbell School underwent a major transformation! Fourth grade teachers, Erin Santasieri and Melissa Savarese, facilitated the event by having the library converted into a museum and the gym into a movie theater.  

Fourth grade students and their families were invited to share in a "Night at the Museum" special event. Students were able to take their families on a guided tour of the "museum," which housed projects that they had worked on during the year. 

Exhibits included solar system models, endangered animal projects, writing samples and biography boxes.  After the tour, the families made their way to the "movie theater" where they cozied up on blankets and watched a showing of "Night at the Museum" starring Ben Stiller. Assistant Principal Brooke Kirschner was in attendance, along close to 300 event participants. With the help of the other fourth grade teachers, art teacher Katie McKeown, librarian Barb Derer and Mr. Mark and his custodial staff, the evening was a huge success! Campbell's new principal, Ed Porowski, stated that he is hopeful that this program would become an annual event at the school.

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