Community Nursery School Celebrates Great Teachers - Profile on Colleen Smith

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Community Nursery School loves to highlight teachers and their educational philosophies and experience. Here is a profile of Colleen Smith, a Metuchen native who teachers 4 and 5-year-olds at Community.

Mrs. Colleen Smith joined the Community Nursery School staff in September 2008 and is currently a teacher of 4 and 5-year-olds. She began her career teaching first grade in the Metuchen school district.

Administrator Audrey Kowalski explains, "Her classroom is a lively place. In addition to literacy and math activities, her lessons include science experiments and cooking activities. A firm believer in fitness, she and her assistant set up an obstacle course with balls and hoola-hoops when the children cannot play on the CNS playground due to weather conditions, or they dance to lively music to get the children in motion. 

Opportunities for personal expression through art and music are also part of her plan. The rules of the classroom emphasize respect for one another and the children learn appropriate social behavior. Her students are excited about school and look forward to their busy day."

Mrs. Smith and her husband actively support their two sons in their athletic pursuits and her family enjoys vacationing together, bike riding and swimming. Community Nursery School is registering now for fall classes. Please see the ad on this page for further information.

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