Sam Menafro Talks to Edgar Students about Life in Afghanistan

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Menafro_(1).jpgOn Friday March 7th 2014 the sixth graders in Ms. Menafro, Ms. Kovacs, and Mrs. Elton's classes had an exciting guest speaker come to Edgar School. The students in these classes read the novel Shooting Kabul by N.H. Senzai. In the novel, a family flees their home country of Afghanistan to escape the Taliban's rule. They go to America just before the devastating events of September 11th 2001 occur. The remainder of the novel depicts life for Middle Eastern people living in America post-Sept 11th. Our guest speaker is very familiar with the issues facing Afghan people because she experienced all of this first hand.


Lieutenant Samantha Menafro, Ms. Menafro's sister in-law, came to Metuchen to discuss her experiences in the military as a member of the Air National Guard. Lieutenant Menafro joined the military in 1999 because she was interested in becoming a doctor. She knew that the military could help her pay for her education.  She has had many incredible accomplishments during her time. First, she worked as a critical care technician at the trauma center in Robert Wood Johnson in New Brunswick. Then, she became a Master Sergeant Boom Operator where she refueled military planes in the air. Recently, she earned the honor of Second Lieutenant.


Lieutenant Menafro presented the students with background information about her experiences in the military with pictures of her jobs, trainings, and her travels. Interestingly for our students, she discussed her experiences in Afghanistan bringing wounded American soldiers home. Additionally, she brought helmets, a gas mask, and a military survival vest with her for the students to try on.  The students asked a variety of questions from, "Can you wear makeup?" to "What has been your biggest challenge so far?" March is Women's History Month, so Lieutenant Menafro made a special point to discuss her role as a female in the military. Lieutenant Menafro's presentation was concluded by distributing stickers of the badge that represents her unit: The Princeton tiger eating a World War II German helmet. All involved in the presentation were delighted and grateful that Lieutenant Menafro took the time to visit us at Edgar Middle School, and they thanked her for her service to our country.

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