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If you need someone to shovel your walk or drive or whatever, please contact one of our new "Snow Angels," able-bodied folks who would like to help you out. Please determine their pay with them before you schedule them. But MM recommends any of them for good help! If you know someone else who is interested in offering services, please send their names and contact info to Be careful out there, everybody!

Nick Loffrredo, 732-609-1469;

John Schleck and Grace Schleck, both at 732-662-9080 and;

Tommy Davis 848-219-4780;

Mindy Keller -- at;

Maxx Adlerman at; 

Alex Brooks at (732)-910-6887 (off Woodbridge)

William Hoover at 732 995-6293 (Rose St area)

Christine Gerity at 
(St. Francis Church side of town)

Bella Zech - off Hillside (through Facebook at Nila Zech);

Mindy Keller --at 940-399-8985 or;

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