Concerned Mom Pens Open Letter to MM on Bullying Self-Assessment for District Schools

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After posting the link to the bullying self-assessment for district schools, the following letter showed up in my mailbox. It is reprinted word for word as I received it here:

"To Metuchen Matters,

I am writing to comment on the Self-Asssessment Report on Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying in the Metuchen Schools discussed at the very end of a recent Board of Education meeting.

I understand the report must be presented publicly each year. I was very surprised at the comment of one of the Board of Education members. His response to the numbers was that we must have been a hard grader on ourselves compared to other districts.

On hearing Metuchen's numbers my first response was what can we do as a community to improve the school climate. What are the main issues plaguing the schools and what do we put in place to provide a positive environment for all of our students. We must reach out to students and families to get a true picture of the school environment.

I read on the Metuchen Matters Facebook page the comment that we were being honest in our reporting. All school districts should be honest if they want to truly address this persistent problem. These numbers should serve as a warning sign that we as a community are not doing our best.

No child should walk into a school building in Metuchen and have to worry about being harassed, intimidated or bullied. The only way to change it for our children is to face the HIB issues and not turn away. We can do much better.

Sincerely, A Concerned Mom"

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