Eagle Scout Project at BIL by Keaton Weidmaier Needs Your Help

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Metuchen High School's Keaton Weidmaier is working on his Eagle Scout project, doing some rehab on the front of the Old Franklin Schoolhouse. How is he planning to spruce the place up and how did he choose this as the focus of this long-range project? Keaton told MM all about it.

How long have you been a Boy Scout? How do you become an Eagle Scout?

KW: I've been a Boy Scout for about 4 years, and a Cub Scout since I was in first grade. To become an Eagle Scout, you have to successfully complete the requirements of the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, and Life. Then you have to complete a project and get 21 merit badges.

What is the Eagle Scout project in general? Is it a community service project? What does Boy Scouts expect you to do in order for them to acknowledge and approve your project?

KW: An Eagle Scout project is a long lasting, community benefiting effort. The general consensus of what the average project is something that doesn't benefit the scout directly, lasts for a long time, and is something that the community will welcome.

Why did you choose the OFS as the focus of your project -- and in what way are you working to raise money to help it? What will the money be used for?

KW: To be honest, I chose the Old Franklin School (or Borough Improvement League, which is the technical name) because it was [a good fit]. Fundraising-wise, I've been helping out at BIL events, doing things like making and selling food. The money will be used to install a picket fence around the front of the building, build an information kiosk, and restore the Old Franklin School sign. If you drive by the school, you'll notice that the sign is gone. I'm currently giving it new coats of paint.

Why did you have a connection to this as a possible project? What need did you see that you wanted to fill?

KW: I had a connection to this project from my scout master, who suggested it to me at some point. As for [what] needed to be filled, it was just how old the place looks. Some TLC was all it really needed, so I figured the best place to start was on the outside.

Will you be documenting the project as it moves forward? In what way?

KW:  I have a website dedicated to updating the world on my progress (link below).

Good luck, Keaton! We will all enjoy the spiffed-up schoolhouse when you're done! Thanks for taking the time to help improve a Metuchen landmark.

Check out further info on the project at this link.

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