Susan Williams: Another Great Teacher at Community Nursery School

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This week, MM has another look at another great teacher at Community Nursery School, thanks to Audrey Kowalski. Let's look at Susan Williams.

Susan Williams is a teacher of 2 ½ and 3 year-olds and has been a valued member of the team at Community Nursery School since 2007. Often she is a child's first experience with a teacher other than a member of the family. (We all know that a parent is a child's first teacher!) Her loving patience and genuine care and concern for each of her students help everyone make a smooth transition to preschool.

Susan allows each child time to explore the classroom to find what interests them, listens to what each wants to tell her, and helps them enter into play with the other students. Socialization is the primary goal of the entry level classes.

As these young students grow in confidence and ability, Mrs. Williams adapts the activities to hold their interest and challenge them. Matching games and puzzles help build fine motor skills; water and sand table activities and outdoor experiences develop a natural curiosity and interest in science.

Mrs. Williams and her family enjoy winter snowboarding, summer boating and playing with their dog.

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