Lemelson Grant Funds New Maker Space at Public LIbrary

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The  Friends  of  the  Metuchen  Library  are  honored  to  announce  that  it  has  received  a  $50,000  grant  from   The   Lemelson   Foundation.   The   grant   will   support   K-­12   science,   technology,   engineering   and   mathematics   (STEM)   programs   at   the   Metuchen   Public   Library   to   inspire   innovation,   invention,   and   entrepreneurship  in  the  sciences.  

This  grant  will  allow  the  Metuchen  Public  Library  to  upgrade  technology  within  the  library,  to  purchase   new   books   and   materials,   to   create   a   Maker   Space   center   for   creativity   and   innovation,   and   to   offer   programs   in   mathematics   and   robotics.   Sondra   Flite,   President   of   the   Friends   of   the   Metuchen   Library,   noted,  "This  grant  from  The  Lemelson  Foundation  provides  invaluable  support  for  our  mission  to  create  a   21st   century   learning   center   at   the   library.   We   thank   The   Lemelson   Foundation   and   family   for   their   generous  endorsement  of  our  mission."

Susanna   Chan,   Director   of   the   Metuchen   Library,   adds   "I   would   like   to   give   my   most   sincere   thanks   to   The  Lemelson  Foundation  and  family  for  their  generosity,  and  to  the  Friends  who  work  tirelessly  to  help   the  Library  to  achieve  its  goal.  This  grant  provides  us  with  the  opportunity  to  transform  the  Library  into  a   place  where  children  and  young  adults  explore,  connect  and  create." 

Dorothy Obropta provided the introduction to the family and Alisa Schleif of the Friends was able to go in and pitch the project to the family. The grant will also fund the completion of an homage to Lemelson and his work via a permanent stained glass piece commissioned to local glass artist Amy Brooks. The space will be immersive, educational and beautiful.

Jerome  Lemelson  (1923-­1997)  was  a  prolific,  independent  inventor.  In  his  lifetime,  he  was  awarded  606   U.S.  patents.  The  family  continues  his  legacy  by  inspiring  and  promoting  invention  education  projects  all   over   the   world.   "Our   family   has   proud,   deep   roots   in   New   Jersey   and   Metuchen.   It   is   a   privilege   to  provide   funds   for   the   Maker   space,   as   the   library   works   to   inspire   citizens   interested   in   invention,   science  and  engineering,"  said  Dorothy  Lemelson,  chairman  of  The  Lemelson  Foundation.  

The   Lemelson   family   has   a   permanent   home   in   the   hearts   of   Metuchen   residents.   Dorothy   and   Jerome   Lemelson   were   Brainy   Borough   residents   for   many   years.  Their   sons,   Eric   and   Robert,   attended   Metuchen  schools.  It  is  this  personal  connection  to  Metuchen  that  makes  this  grant  particularly  special  to   the  Friends.  

For  more  information  on  the  Lemelson  Foundation,  visit  http://www.lemelson.org      

 For  more  information  on  the  Friends  of  the  Metuchen  Library,  visit  http://www.fotml.org   

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