Lemelson Window by Paradise Glass Up At Library -- see it now!

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Thumbnail image for lemelsonwindow.jpgAmy Brooks at Paradise Custom Stained Glass has completed her special window for the Library, thanks to the Lemelson Grant procured by the Friends of the Metuchen Library. Here's what she had to say about the window in her most recent newsletter:

Awesome news for residents of Metuchen: The Friends of the Metuchen Library have secured a $50,000 grant through The Lemelson Foundation to inspire the next generation of inventors in Metuchen!  This grant will result in technology updates, audio/ visual improvements, new books, club and community programs and the creation of a "Maker Space."  The foundation's namesake, Jerome Lemelson, was a Metuchen resident and prolific inventor who secured over 600 patents, averaging one patent a month for more than 40 years.  He believed that invention and innovation were essential to economic success.

As a tribute to Mr. Lemelson and the generosity of The Lemelson Foundation, Paradise Glass was commissioned to create a window that has been installed in the community room of the Metuchen Library.  I designed the fused and painted glass window incorporating drawings he submitted for 8 of his patents.  I did a lot of research about Mr. Lemelson and connected with how he kept a sketchbook next to his bed to record ideas that came to him throughout the night-- I do too!  The sketchbook is featured in the window as are other bright, eye catching inventions.

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