Do you want portable diesel lights at MHS Field?

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One of the Board of Education meetings that I missed while away included a discussion of whether the Board would approve fundraising efforts by an anonymous group of local parents who wish to rent portable diesel lights for the MHS field to create a  "Friday Night LIghts" event during the football season. A week of lights last season went off without a hitch but the idea of extended use of exhaust-emitting portable lighting with heavy bases and no discernable safe area in which to store them does not sit well with folks. As Metuchenite Eileen Duffy noted at the meeting, there are also idling laws that would prohibit the use of such lights and, as former Board member Devra Golbe said, this is an issue which has been met in the past with opposition from the public, especially those in the neighboring areas (of which I am one myself, to be clear). 

SO . . . if you didn't see the meeting, check it out at (June 24th meeting) and then let MM know what you think of this idea. NOTE: The Board may discuss it at a later date but they have not had a full conversation about whether or not they would let it move further into the realm of reality yet.

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This matter was proposed for further discussion at the June 24 BOE meeting. Details about the proposal were given by Athletic Director John Cathcart - eight used portable lights that would run on diesel fuel, be used throughout the fall seasons, and stored for the remainder of the year. To be purchased by an anonymous group of residents. Two former board members (Devra Golbe and Eileen Duffy) gave well-researched and well-stated detailed comments in opposition - including health impact, environmental issues, athlete safety, noise, and previous lack of community support to purchase lights. There was not sufficient support among the BOE members to pursue this proposal further, so the proposal is not being pursued further by the BOE at this time. As MM suggests, watch the video here for full details, it was one of the first agenda items and starts very early in the meeting. (June 24th meeting).

Still this is a great forum to get more community feedback about the idea of either used diesel lights or considering raising funds for permanent lights, which I believe would cost > $200,000.

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