Caputo Analyzes School Rankings From Various Media Outlets

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2014_04_01_metuchen_relays.pngMM asked Vincent Caputo, Superintendent of the Metuchen School District, to comment on the variety of school rankings listings that have been released by various media outlets in the last few months -- including Inside Jersey magazine, NJ Monthly and U.S. News and World Report. NJ Monthly's list was garnering some queries, since Metuchen dropped a great deal in those ratings. However, here is Caputo's official statement regarding all rankings:

"As part of my state of the schools address on august 27th, I shared the rankings from Inside Jersey, NJ Monthly, and US News and World Reports.  See my powerpoint that is on the district front page: 


Just last week, Newsweek released their rankings, in which we placed #255 in the nation (and #27 in NJ, according to my calculations):


It is very fashionable for various media outlets to rank schools.  All of them use publicly available data and develop proprietary algorithms.  Like all high schools, Metuchen High School's "ranking" depend on which data is selected and the percentage weights assigned.  We take all rankings with a sense of seriousness.  We also realize that "good" or "bad" rankings are fleeting and based on already-old data.  So we celebrate the successes and at the same time address areas of need.


For example, in the latest batch of rankings:


US News and World Report scored us very well, but we didn't qualify to be numerically ranked based on their entry criteria


Our NJ Monthly ranking was #77 in NJ this time, after a high of #19 in 2012


Inside Jersey gave us a relatively high score of 344, fourth in the county


Newsweek ranked us #255 in the nation and #27 in the state."

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