The Race to Nowhere in Youth Sports -- Parents and Coaches Must-Read

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snyb-v23.pngA local parent who is also a long-time sports coach sent me the following essay from Steve Nash's Youth Basketball Blog. She had recently witnessed a disturbing interaction at a game:

"I was recently at Charles field standing in between a Rec Field Hockey game and a travel soccer game.   One very young travel soccer player said to his teammate "Do you know why they call is Rec? Because they play like a wreck."  It struck me as so sad but also so wrong.  What are we doing to our kids?"

Have you seen this kind of action on the field? Does your child no longer participate in sports because of this kind of callous treatment? Are you a coach? How do you try to encourage kids without making them feel lessened by their inability to participate at certain levels? Read the article here by Steve Nash -- comment here or on Facebook or Twitter. MM would love to know what you think!

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