A Letter From Edison Wetlands Association re: Save-a-Friend Program

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Dear Friends and Supporters of the Edison Wetlands Association and Triple C Ranch & Nature Center, 
I am writing to ask for your generosity and support for the Edison Wetlands Association's Save-A-Friend Program. Many of you have visited the Triple C Ranch and have seen first hand the love and care we provide our animal friends. This incredible natural oasis was only possible with the generous support of people who care about the welfare of our vulnerable animal friends.

The Edison Wetlands Association (EWA) founded the Save-A-Friend Program to house and care for discarded animals who are left to die without any consideration for their lives or the intelligence they possess. EWA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and does not receive any government funding. We rely solely on the generosity of our friends and supporters to further our mission. EWA and the Triple C Ranch aims to teach future generations about the ethics of caring for animals and the responsibility involved in purchasing or adopting animals. All donations to the Save-A-Friend program are tax deductible. 

 One of our newest rescued animal friends, Edison (Eddie) the Pot Bellied Pig, steals the hearts of everyone he meets. Eddie has made numerous appearances in the community over the last 12 months. He was featured in the "Mutt's" comic strip, as well as the News 12's "The Pet Stop" program along with our beloved pony, Shorty. 

 You might have also seen Eddie on television in the last few days as he appeared on My9 New Jersey and WNET. Eddie served as a "Spokes Pig" for a rally in Trenton to support the Humane Society's campaign to ban gestation crates, putting a face on the issue of animal cruelty and inhumane treatment of animals. You can check out Eddie's Facebook page to see his recent appearances. 

 Please consider donating to EWA's Save-A-Friend Program. Last year's winter was brutally cold and we need to upgrade our animal adoptees homes. Your support allows us to continue our mission of providing safe and healthy homes to our animal friends. We need to raise $5,000 to continue to provide food, shelter and veterinary care for Eddie and his other animal friends that call the Triple C Ranch and Nature Center home. If we exceed our goal, the Triple C Ranch can rescue more animal friends including two short hair kittens, Oliver Twist and Daisy Mae. 

 We are hosting an event on November 22, 2014 for all those who donate $100 or more to our Save-A-Friend Program. This event includes an exclusive visit with your animal "adoptees," as well as other fun activities. Any donation for the EWA's Save-A-Friend Program is greatly appreciated. Checks can be made out to Edison Wetlands Association or you may donate online by visitingTripleCRanch.org/Save-A-Friend. 

 Thank you in advance for your continued support!
Warmest Regards, 

Robert Spiegel 
Executive Director
Edison Wetlands Association 

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