The Thirteen Returns to St. Luke's This Friday, 7:30 -- and Matthew Robertson tells us all about it

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Founded in 2012, the professional chamber choir The Thirteen has quickly garnered a reputation of exceptionalism. The Thirteen is an ensemble of 13 professional musicians based in the New York City area, specializing in the masterpieces of the Renaissance and Baroque, especially the early and middle Tudor periods. The Thirteen is returning to St. Luke's this month for another highly-anticipated performance. MM spoke to director Matthew Robertson about the choir's process. For even more information, check out their website at this link.

MM: How do you choose new directives for the group? Is it a democratic
process in terms of choosing your musical direction for the coming season?

MR: We always try to be as democratic in our planning as possible. This includes
reaching out to current members when planning themes and repertoire, and of
course our Board of Trustees and our Artistic Advisory Board. We're also
love hearing the ideas of our audience members in planning and setting

MM: What is your favorite part about touring? Do you find that the audience
inspires you as much as you inspire them?

MR: Touring is a wonderful thing that allows the members of the group to grow
closer together and, thus, the quality of the music-making is even higher!
All of our tours also enclude a major educational outreach component at
Universities and High Schools. For instance, our 2014-2015 sees us at
Bowling Green State University, Yale University and more. This opportunity
to work with young people on this extraordinary repertoire, and on building
an exemplary choral sound is very rewarding.

MM: Who is on your wish list of collaborators? With whom would you most like
to work in the coming years?

MR: The Thirteen is always looking for stellar professional choral singers with
whom to collaborate. In future years, we'd love to be touring with some of
the choral-orchestral repertoire like Handel's "Messiah," Monteverdi's
"Vespers," Bach's "B Minor Mass" etc. That could mean an exciting
collaboration with an extant period instrument group such as Tempesta di
Mare, Juilliard 415, and others.

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