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Edgar Science Fair Celebrates Discoveries and Dedication

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The Edgar School Science Fair was held on February 25th. As Principal Kathy Glutz announced, this year garnered the most participants in the history of the annual event. The auditorium was filled with the intriguing and colorful boards showing the procedures and results of a wide variety of science experiments, from light refractions to chemical reactions. Students' work was displayed according to their class. Those displays that won first, second, third and honorable mention honors sported brightly-colored ribbons awarded by a panel of parent judges (no parent could judge the grade in which their child is enrolled).

The winners included:

5th Grade:             1st Place - Sophie Calish & Clara Boyd

                        2nd Place - Daniel Liss & Matthew Byrne

                        3rd Place - Radwan Hoque

                        Honorable Mention - Merin Boucher

                                                            Kyle Blom & Josh Blom

                                                            Haley Sullivan & Kaitlyn O'Brien


6th Grade:             1st Place - James Santus & Brandon Kick

                        2nd Place - Sela Wyetzner & Anushka Agrawal

                        3rd Place - Isabelle Melendez

                        Honorable Mention - Arav Sharma

                                                            Jake Musmann & Justin Wentnick


7th Grade:             1st Place - Daniel Melendez

                        2nd Place - Maddie Lennon

                        3rd Place - Mia Schutz & Yukthi Sangoi

                        Honorable Mention - Jakob Cherry


8th Grade:             1st Place - Chloe Jaques & Alanna Redwood

                        2nd Place - Nina Suss & Julianna Mullen

                        3rd Place - Kate McGrath & Ilakiya Udhayakumar

                        Honorable Mention - Geneva Lawson & Julia Memory

For the first time, the first place prize for 8th graders was given in honor to the memory of former Edgar science teacher Sandy Scharf "with appreciation for her dedication in teaching science to the students of Metuchen."

Every single participant received a medal, presented to them by their science teacher. The teachers present were John Butler, Edward Ronk, Valerie Niemera and Virginia Wetzel (Judy Graziano had a family emergency and was unable to attend). Kathleen Henn, the District Supervisor of Mathematics, Science and Gifted and Talented Programs handed out the awards to the fair winners. Campbell School science teacher Jon Nolde was also in attendance to celebrate the students' discoveries.

The Metuchen Education Foundation was excited about the grand turnout and provided awards for the top 3 projects in each class. As MEF President Anne Lackland announced at the festivities, MEF has provided $30K worth of funding for various projects and events throughout the school district in this school year alone. Tickets for their annual fundraiser are now on sale. The event takes place on March 20th at the Metuchen Inn.

The judging was done by district parents who work in the sciences and technology. Thanks to all of them for their help: Janet Alder Suss, Joe DeRosa, Jim Jaques, John Jennings, Arie Kremen, David Nelson, Rich Puerzer, Prasad Rao, Cindy Redwood, Cathy Santus, Dave Vaccari, Stephen Wong and Gary Wyetzner. Paula Best worked as the science Fair Coordinator from MEF.


parcc_purple.jpgAll over the country as well as here in our own district, the topic of PARCC testing and the general importance of standardized tests is being questioned by groups of teachers and parents. As PARCC testing schedules become available, parents are deciding whether or not to OPT OUR their kids from the test. Edison recently supported having options. At this time, there is no decision from Metuchen but a series of local families are asking the district to consider their requests at this Change. org petition: https://www.change.org/p/superintendent-vincent-caputo-adopt-non-punitive-procedures-for-parents-guardians-who-refuse-certain-standardized-tests-for-their-children

Some of their protestations come from the fact that PARCC tests won't matter for the next few years and some of the concern rises from the fact that so much teaching time is put aside every academic year to get kids ready for these same tests.

What are you planning to do? For more info, check out this site that New Jersey Parent Teacher Organization created in order to answer questions about PARCC testing: http://www.nj.com/education/2015/02/nj_pta_principals_launch_parcc_website.html#incart_story_package 

On March 1st, the Flea Market returns to St. Luke's. MM took a moment to find out a little about the vendors and their wares. Come and meet them at the event!



So we are a women operated and owned local farm know for our pastured pork selected cuts and sausages;  pastured heirloom hen eggs, herbal teas, and a few other farm products.

Our pork:   We breed a special cross of hogs for marbling of fat into dark rich meat.  Our hogs are well cared for and spend most of their lives outside being pigs.  We have an assortment of sausages like Country, Kielbasa, Bratwurst, Polish, Chorizo, Andouille, and others as well as bacon, pork chops, and pork shoulder.  NEW ADDITION- working with a talented Italian chef raised on a farm and restaurant in Italy, we have him craft specialty raviolis.  We are currently processing raviolis:  sage sausage,  roasted garlic red pepper broccoli rhab sausage, mango raspberry sausage, and others.

Our eggs:  Our customers continue to comment that we have THE BEST EGGS.  The hens are raised from chicks and take 6months to lay eggs.  They spend all their time outside even in the winter.  We have mobile chichen coops and can move them from one very large area (over an acre) to another.  Our pup takes good care of them from fox and hawks.    We sell eggs all over NJ and NY.

Our herbal blends of "tea":  Since we are a chemical free farm, we do not even use organic chemicals.  We make our own soil by composting and our elderberry and mint tea has become a mainstay in  many homes.  We have served thousands of cups and this particular blend is well liked by all, along with our very special Herbal blend.

Our new addition:  Pumpkin Marsacapone Raviolis with recipe is selling out quickly.

We utilize all NATURAL ingredients and emphasize no preservatives, no sulfites, etc.  Are animals are hormone free and antibiotic free.


I too believe we are providing a service to the community, but best of all able to help the church, which has done so very much for the people of this community. Yes, it is fun. I feel peaceful and serene selling here, as if I am among family. The customers are great people as well and I enjoy interacting with them. 

I provide a wide variety of merchandise that is always changing and new things being added to hold the interest of the customers. I specialize in .925 Sterling Silver, 9 to 18kt G.F. and Natural Gemstone jewelry. Prices range $1 to $18, also carrying inexpensive lines.

I have toys/games/plush animals; hair accessories; wallets; household items; crystal & glassware; novelties; brand name cosmetics; seasonal items; hand warmers for the deep freeze we are in; and other mdse. 

Grandfather was a market vendor who loved the thrill of the hunt for wares, providing bargains and quality merchandise for his customers, always striving to please them. He passed this down to my mom, who introduced me at the age of 12 and I have been in the flea market business since. 

I am having camera trouble (plus old computer not cooperating in downloading from any camera), and all mdse. packed up.  I cannot provide photos at this time, but will work on that situation, hopefully at the March 1 market at St. Luke's. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone soon.


I sell vintage and modern, from household goods to political pinback buttons, books, cds, miniature doll furniture and pretty much anything in between.  I owned an antiques and collectibles shop a million years ago and have never gotten it out of my blood. Unfortunately, I have most of my things packed for the next flea market but I would love to send you pictures when we set up at St. Luke's on March 1st.  Thank you so much for doing this.  I believe we're providing a service to the community as well as gaining a little bit of revenue for the church, never mind that it's fun!

Black Belt Institute runs Anti-Bullying Workshop

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bullying workshop jpg.jpg

Kickstarter Campaign Begun by Junebug Committee

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February 17, 2015The Planning Committee for the Metuchen Junebug ArtFest would like to raise the level of the festival "a notch or twowith the help of a Kickstarter fundraising campaign:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1059009818/the-metuchen-junebug-artfest-every-friday-night-in


Now in its 8th year, the Metuchen Junebug ArtFest draws several hundred visitors to downtown Metuchen NJ every Friday night in June and transforms the streets of this vibrant community into a month-long celebration of the arts.


"The Junebug is a completely non-profit event. The all-volunteer planning team begins with a budget of $0 and ends with $0," said Planning Committee Chairperson Melissa Schuhmann. "Advertising and printing costs, equipment rental and artist lecture fees are raised through sponsorship from local businesses. We're asking members of the broader community for financial support to show their enthusiasm for the arts and to help us continue the success of this one-of-a-kind festival."


For 2015, the committee would like to raise additional funds to cover costs for a range of festival activities, including the following features:

1)   3D Chalk Art - Anthony Cappettoan internationally travelled street artist, will create fun, exciting artwork using the traditional art form of 3D illusionary street painting and create a unique exhibit for the festival. Cappetto is known for blending traditional 3D street painting with new, 4D emerging technologies (e.g., animated augmented reality and virtual spaces).

2)   Juried Window Gallery Competition - This series of storefront displays leverages downtown window space to showcase the work of established artists throughout the month of June; Museum Directors, Gallerists, and other professionals in the visual arts are invited to tour the Galleries and award prizes.

3)   Annual Junebug Sculpture  - Graphic arts educator, illustrator and designer Lauren Rabinowitz (AKA Lauren the Cartoon Goddesswill create the signature "Junebug Sculpture," which presides over the month-long event. Its unveiling on Friday, June 5th will signal the official start of the ArtFest.


The "Brainy Boro" - Metuchen NJ - has been a mecca for artists of every discipline for more than a century. Sponsored by the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce and the Metuchen Cultural Arts Commission, the Junebug ArtFest reflects the Borough's commitment to nurturing all forms of creativity.


For more information:

·         Visit the Junebug ArtFest web site: http://www.junebugartfest.com

·         Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/junebugartfest

·         Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/junebugartfest  

·         Visit the Metuchen Chamber of Commerce web site: http://metuchenchamberexchange.com/


For more information on registration or the event itself, please contact Nicole Chinchar at the Metuchen Area Chamber of Commerce at (732) 548-2964 or metuchenchamber@optimum.net.


Heather Jones, a Metuchen High student, created a documentary about opiate addiction for her GIrl Scout Gold Award. Widely considered an important issue in our school district and others as well as concern for millions of men and women around the country, opiate addiction, particularly heroin and strong prescription drugs, is discussed by different members of the community. Watch the video here.

Congratulations to Heather on work well done!

Sponsorships Available for Cruise Nights 2015

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Metuchen Schools Oral History Project Looking for Volunteers

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Kindergarten Registration Coming Up for Moss School

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16 Simpson Place

Metuchen, New Jersey 08840

Phone:  (732) 321-8700 Ext. 1000        Fax:  (732) 321-6567


All Metuchen children who will have reached the age of five by October 1, 2015 are eligible for kindergarten registration for the 2015-2016 school year.  Registration will take place in the gym of Moss School at 16 Simpson Place, Metuchen NJ on the following dates:


                                                                                                                   Last Name

                                                                                                                Beginning With

Monday, February 23    9:00 - 11:00AM A, B, C

  12:30 -   2:30PM D, E, F

Tuesday, February 24     9:00 - 11:00AM G, H, I, J

 12:30  -   2:30PM K, L, M

Wednesday, February 25    9:00  - 11:00AM N, O, P

 12:30  -    2:30PM Q, R, S

Thursday, February, 26   9:00  - 11:00AM T, U, V

  12:30 -   2:30PM W, X,Y, Z

Please bring your child, the completed registration forms and all documents with you.  Registration forms may be obtained from Moss School office Mon-Fri, 8:00am - 3:00pm, or downloaded from the Moss School website.  If you cannot make the assigned registration date/time, please call the school office at (732) 321-8700 Ext. 1000.

PARCC Testing Opt Out Okayed in Edison -- What should Metuchen do?

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metuchen high school.jpgTesting time is hitting Metuchen in March! There has been a lot of attention given to the idea of choosing to "opt out" of standardized tests for middle school and high school students in other counties. A vocal contingent of Metuchen parents have voiced their concerns about having this choice available to them during the upcoming testing period. In Edison, however, they have made it official. Opting out will not cost you any remuneration -- do you think that Metuchen schools should do the same?

Check out the Edison decision here. MM would love to know what you in Metuchen think about the same scenario being made official in our district.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program at Library

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The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), is available for enrollment at Metuchen Public Library on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Come and learn about LIHEAP, a federal program that will pay a portion of utility bills, air-conditioning fees, and weatherize your home, free of charge, if you quality. PRAB outreach representatives can help you apply!
It is a free program and is open to all. Registration is required. Please call Metuchen Public Library at (732)632-8526.
First time applicants:
Bring copies of social security cards, all pages of utility bills, lease, and income for all household members*For the cooling benefit a DR's note is required
Current applicants:
Bring copies of all pages of utility bills and income for all

Chamber of Commerce Golf Event Announced

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Like us on Facebook
Save the Date!

The 23rd Annual MACC Golf Outing
Monday May 4, 2015
Metuchen Golf & Country Club

More information coming to soon!

Delayed Opening Schedule for School District TODAY

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Metuchen Schools are operating on a delayed opening schedule!
Edgar: 9:35 a.m., MHS: 9:50 a.m., Campbell: 10 a.m., Moss AM Kindergarten: 10:05 a.m. - 11:50 a.m., Moss PM Kindergarten: 12:40 p.m. - 2:25 p.m., MIPP/ELC AM 10:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., MIPP/ELC PM 12:00 - 2:05 p.m.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Edgar School Skating Event President's Day

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9A.M.-11 A.M. 




TICKETS $10 per Person

or $30 per Family



For questions contact Joanne Leaf enjoylifealways45@hotmail.com

Talent Show at First Pres To benefit Food Bank

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First Pres Talent Show.jpg

Dragonfly Arts Extends Run for "Tally's Folly"

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Dragonfly Arts of Metuchen is extending its run of the comedy-

drama Talley's Folly at Metuchen's Reformed Church. The Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Lanford

Wilson has been extended for an additional weekend and will be presented Friday, February 20 and

Saturday, February 21 at 8:00 pm. Set in 1944, Talley's Folly tells the beautiful love story of Matt, a

Jewish accountant from St. Louis, who returns to Lebanon, Missouri determined to win the heart of

Sally, a Protestant nurse's aide.

Call 848-229-3501 or email DragonflyArtsNJ@gmail.com for more information.

Dates & Times: Tickets:

Friday, February 20 at 8:00 pm Saturday, February 21 at 8:00 pm

Advance tickets available on web site, DragonflyArtsNJ.com. Order tickets by mail to PO Box 23, Metuchen, NJ 08840. (Form on web site.) Tickets available at the door.

Ticket Prices: Place: Metuchen Reformed Church, 150 Lake Avenue, Metuchen, NJ

Adults: $16 in advance, $20 at the door; Students & Seniors: $13 in advance, $15 at the door

For More Information: DragonflyArtsNJ.com, Dragonfly Multicultural Arts Center on Facebook or call 848-229-3501

St Luke's Ash Wednesday Services

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February 7 OFS Hosts Songwriter Series

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On Saturday, February 7, winter will get a bit warmer -- as a quartet of top local and regional singer-songwriters present an intimate, candlelit evening of music at the popular Schoolhouse Songwriter Series held at the historic Old Franklin Schoolhouse. The evening, which includes coffeehouse-style cafe tables and refreshments, will be the third installment of the quarterly music event, which is sponsored by the Metuchen Arts Council and hosted by Metuchen-based singer-songwriter Sharon Goldman. Doors open at 7:30 pm and music starts at 8 pm.
The cost is $10 per person ($5 for kids under 12). BYOB is encouraged!For this winter show, Goldman has invited three talented performers, including two local Metuchen favorites to share their original music in round-robin style (made famous by Nashville's Bluebird Cafe, in which each artist sings a song and then passes on the next performer round-robin style). They are:
: Brooklyn-based Mark Allen Berube is far more entertaining than any single human being with an acoustic guitar is allowed to be under current law. His punchy, well-crafted songs and rapid-fire delivery allow audiences little time to indulge in the laughter he frequently provokes without feeling like they've missed something. His brand-new album is called "Sticky."
: Metuchen's own Bruce Donnola has recorded five albums and composed an abstract instrumental score for the 2011 theatrical production, Nosferatu: the Vampyre. In addition to his own recordings, his songs have been recorded by numerous artists including frequent collaborator Jono Manson, John Popper, Shawn Colvin, David Hamburger, the Barnetti Bros Band and many others.
: A native Metuchen-ite who currently lives near Asbury Park, Renee Maskin's unique, somewhat-raspy voice serves as a compliment to the whiskey soaked world of alternative folk where her songs reside. In addition to her solo performances, Maskin has played and toured with bands of a variety of genres for over ten years.
offers sophisticated songwriting for grown-ups -- the born-and-bred New Yorker (now based in Metuchen, NJ) has been called a "brilliant tunesmith" (New York Music Daily) whose vivid imagery and intelligent, inventive storytelling -- combined with clever, catchy melodies and pure, precise vocals -- take folk-pop to new, more powerful places.
Door open at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 7th.  The Old Franklin School is located next to the Metuchen Fire Department at 491 Middlesex Avenue in Metuchen.  Parking is available on Middlesex Avenue and in the Borough Hall parking lot across the street.  For more information about the Schoolhouse Song Writers Series performance on October 18th contact Nancy Goldberg at (732) 632-8502 or at

Support MHS Music Dept Fundraiser at Chipotle February 8th

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