Edgar Science Fair Celebrates Discoveries and Dedication

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The Edgar School Science Fair was held on February 25th. As Principal Kathy Glutz announced, this year garnered the most participants in the history of the annual event. The auditorium was filled with the intriguing and colorful boards showing the procedures and results of a wide variety of science experiments, from light refractions to chemical reactions. Students' work was displayed according to their class. Those displays that won first, second, third and honorable mention honors sported brightly-colored ribbons awarded by a panel of parent judges (no parent could judge the grade in which their child is enrolled).

The winners included:

5th Grade:             1st Place - Sophie Calish & Clara Boyd

                        2nd Place - Daniel Liss & Matthew Byrne

                        3rd Place - Radwan Hoque

                        Honorable Mention - Merin Boucher

                                                            Kyle Blom & Josh Blom

                                                            Haley Sullivan & Kaitlyn O'Brien


6th Grade:             1st Place - James Santus & Brandon Kick

                        2nd Place - Sela Wyetzner & Anushka Agrawal

                        3rd Place - Isabelle Melendez

                        Honorable Mention - Arav Sharma

                                                            Jake Musmann & Justin Wentnick


7th Grade:             1st Place - Daniel Melendez

                        2nd Place - Maddie Lennon

                        3rd Place - Mia Schutz & Yukthi Sangoi

                        Honorable Mention - Jakob Cherry


8th Grade:             1st Place - Chloe Jaques & Alanna Redwood

                        2nd Place - Nina Suss & Julianna Mullen

                        3rd Place - Kate McGrath & Ilakiya Udhayakumar

                        Honorable Mention - Geneva Lawson & Julia Memory

For the first time, the first place prize for 8th graders was given in honor to the memory of former Edgar science teacher Sandy Scharf "with appreciation for her dedication in teaching science to the students of Metuchen."

Every single participant received a medal, presented to them by their science teacher. The teachers present were John Butler, Edward Ronk, Valerie Niemera and Virginia Wetzel (Judy Graziano had a family emergency and was unable to attend). Kathleen Henn, the District Supervisor of Mathematics, Science and Gifted and Talented Programs handed out the awards to the fair winners. Campbell School science teacher Jon Nolde was also in attendance to celebrate the students' discoveries.

The Metuchen Education Foundation was excited about the grand turnout and provided awards for the top 3 projects in each class. As MEF President Anne Lackland announced at the festivities, MEF has provided $30K worth of funding for various projects and events throughout the school district in this school year alone. Tickets for their annual fundraiser are now on sale. The event takes place on March 20th at the Metuchen Inn.

The judging was done by district parents who work in the sciences and technology. Thanks to all of them for their help: Janet Alder Suss, Joe DeRosa, Jim Jaques, John Jennings, Arie Kremen, David Nelson, Rich Puerzer, Prasad Rao, Cindy Redwood, Cathy Santus, Dave Vaccari, Stephen Wong and Gary Wyetzner. Paula Best worked as the science Fair Coordinator from MEF.


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