Vendors from This Weekend's Flea Market at St. Luke's Introduce Themselves

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On March 1st, the Flea Market returns to St. Luke's. MM took a moment to find out a little about the vendors and their wares. Come and meet them at the event!



So we are a women operated and owned local farm know for our pastured pork selected cuts and sausages;  pastured heirloom hen eggs, herbal teas, and a few other farm products.

Our pork:   We breed a special cross of hogs for marbling of fat into dark rich meat.  Our hogs are well cared for and spend most of their lives outside being pigs.  We have an assortment of sausages like Country, Kielbasa, Bratwurst, Polish, Chorizo, Andouille, and others as well as bacon, pork chops, and pork shoulder.  NEW ADDITION- working with a talented Italian chef raised on a farm and restaurant in Italy, we have him craft specialty raviolis.  We are currently processing raviolis:  sage sausage,  roasted garlic red pepper broccoli rhab sausage, mango raspberry sausage, and others.

Our eggs:  Our customers continue to comment that we have THE BEST EGGS.  The hens are raised from chicks and take 6months to lay eggs.  They spend all their time outside even in the winter.  We have mobile chichen coops and can move them from one very large area (over an acre) to another.  Our pup takes good care of them from fox and hawks.    We sell eggs all over NJ and NY.

Our herbal blends of "tea":  Since we are a chemical free farm, we do not even use organic chemicals.  We make our own soil by composting and our elderberry and mint tea has become a mainstay in  many homes.  We have served thousands of cups and this particular blend is well liked by all, along with our very special Herbal blend.

Our new addition:  Pumpkin Marsacapone Raviolis with recipe is selling out quickly.

We utilize all NATURAL ingredients and emphasize no preservatives, no sulfites, etc.  Are animals are hormone free and antibiotic free.


I too believe we are providing a service to the community, but best of all able to help the church, which has done so very much for the people of this community. Yes, it is fun. I feel peaceful and serene selling here, as if I am among family. The customers are great people as well and I enjoy interacting with them. 

I provide a wide variety of merchandise that is always changing and new things being added to hold the interest of the customers. I specialize in .925 Sterling Silver, 9 to 18kt G.F. and Natural Gemstone jewelry. Prices range $1 to $18, also carrying inexpensive lines.

I have toys/games/plush animals; hair accessories; wallets; household items; crystal & glassware; novelties; brand name cosmetics; seasonal items; hand warmers for the deep freeze we are in; and other mdse. 

Grandfather was a market vendor who loved the thrill of the hunt for wares, providing bargains and quality merchandise for his customers, always striving to please them. He passed this down to my mom, who introduced me at the age of 12 and I have been in the flea market business since. 

I am having camera trouble (plus old computer not cooperating in downloading from any camera), and all mdse. packed up.  I cannot provide photos at this time, but will work on that situation, hopefully at the March 1 market at St. Luke's. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone soon.


I sell vintage and modern, from household goods to political pinback buttons, books, cds, miniature doll furniture and pretty much anything in between.  I owned an antiques and collectibles shop a million years ago and have never gotten it out of my blood. Unfortunately, I have most of my things packed for the next flea market but I would love to send you pictures when we set up at St. Luke's on March 1st.  Thank you so much for doing this.  I believe we're providing a service to the community as well as gaining a little bit of revenue for the church, never mind that it's fun!

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