Open Letter About Main Street Solicitations From To Be Continued . . .

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Mr. Chris Cosenza (Metuchen Zoning Official),


As the weather gets better, we are once again seeing a flurry of street peddlers and unauthorized solicitation of residents and visitors to Main Street (sometimes while sitting at outdoor tables or even being grabbed as they park their vehicles) by aggressive nomadic salespeople.


Many of these peddlers will also walk into retail stores & cafes/restaurants and start annoying customers by offering 'free' samples (which of course only are available if you purchase $20 of their products for example) other times they claim to be taking donations for breast cancer research, etc.


If we as merchants of downtown practiced this method of 'snatching' people on the street (or from other stores) to sell our wares, we'd probably be told to stop (or more probably fined), therefore the question is:


How can we prevent and/or enforce not permitting these folks from being dropped off by their unscrupulous bosses at the train station and told to hover or walk up & down the sidewalks grabbing unsuspecting people in our downtown business district?


Thanks in advance for any help or advice.


To Be Continued... 
Bookstore Boutique & Café


420 Main St - Metuchen - NJ - 08840

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