Open Letter from Resident About Street Safety

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April 16, 2015

To Metuchen Matters:

Last night I attended the Traffic and Transportation Committee meeting where

the Street Smart NJ program was explained.  It was great to see such a dedicated group working on these issues of major importance to Metuchen.

I went to the meeting because of my frustration with how difficult it is to be a pedestrian in our small borough. I want to share some of the statistics presented at the meeting that seem shocking to me.

In Metuchen between 2011 and 2014, thirty-two crashes involving pedestrians resulted in pedestrian injury. There were two pedestrians killed.  SIXTY PERCENT OF THE CRASHES OCCURRED WHILE THE PEDESTRIAN WAS CROSSING IN A MARKED CROSSWALK.  Sixty-three percent of the crashes occurred during daylight hours. In New Jersey, the pedestrian fatality rate is nearly double the national average.

These statistics show that we have a major problem with pedestrian safety in Metuchen. Isn't it time for a change in how we view the importance of pedestrian safety in our community? If increased enforcement means hiring more police for the job, we as a community should demand that this be addressed. How much does a life cost? How many more people will be injured or killed simply trying to take a walk in our small town?


Maggie Glynn

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