FREE SEMINAR of Comprehensive Health Physical Rehab and Chiro Center of Metuchen

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On Monday, Sept 28 at 7:30pm., Dr. Michael Catalanello and Dr. Margaret Head of Comprehensive Health Physical Rehab and Chiropractic Center of Metuchen will present a FREE seminar given by Doctors of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. Let us help you safely and effectively achieve good health and optimal weight!

Exercising but not losing weight?

Dieting and not seeing any results?

Suffering from achy joints or chronic neck and back pain?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions then we have answers

for you!

You are not alone. Statistics show that most people struggle with exercise and nutrition on their own. Only about 20% of people sustain long term weight loss successfully, 95% of diets fail, 92% of people are unable to achieve their fitness resolutions each year, and more than 60% of gym-goers cannot maintain their workout plan for more than 3 months. Diet, exercise, and proper nutrition are not always a one size-fits-all formula. Each person has their own individual requirements based on several different factors including size and gender, genetics, vitamin needs, medical history and more.

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