Special Cooking Demos at Farmers Market TODAY

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Please join Chef Brett Smith of Metuchen-based Novitá Bistro & Lounge and Metuchen Farmers Market's Christine von der Linn of "Vegging Out with Christine" for "Make Your Own Vinaigrette," an interactive culinary event.

Why make your own vinaigrette? Read the labels. Bottled salad dressing, while convenient, can be expensive and is often full of salt, sugar, trans fats and chemical additives. Making your own is simple, less expensive and healthier - especially if farm fresh, health-promoting ingredients are used.

Smith and von der Linn will provide recipes, hands-on help and advice with making vinaigrettes, as well as meat marinades and pickle brines, using seasonal, fresh ingredients provided by Metuchen Farmers Market Farmers.

The first 48 participants will be able to take home their creations in a branded glass container.


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