Board of Ed Candidates Respond to Recent Yale Poll on Highschooler Engagement

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A recent Yale study claims that high schoolers are bored, stressed and tired from the contemporary curriculum. How do we ensure in our district that we will be able to engage our students and encourage them in rigorous academic challenge without increasing the amount of stress and anxiety the current system seems to create in their lives?

Each of the Board of Education Candidates answered this question and their posts will follow this one here on MM and on the MM FB page. Their posts will begin further down on the page -- some of the answers too long to run on the same page so I will give everyone their own post, in order of the time at which they were sent back to me - Justin Manley, Joann Sabatino-Falkeinstein, Merrill Lunt and Aileen McGuire. 

Please read through and make sure to vote next Tuesday. BE AN INFORMED VOTER!

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