Girl Scout Troop 81412 Cleans Up The Greenway

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Girl Scout Troop 81412 showed great community spirit this month by cleaning up the Middlesex Greenway. "We are trying to stick to basics with scouting - enjoying nature, girl power!! and giving back - recognizing how fortunate we are," says troop leader Dawn Cammarano. "Having the girls help out is an essential part of being good citizens and supporting the community." 

The Girl Scouts and their friends involved include: Noelle Cammarano, Mara Chinchar, Jessie Leaf, Juliet Boyd, Madelyn Benedict, Melissa Haskell, Nicholas Cammarano, Harry Chinchar, Clara Boyd, Jack Benedict, Emmi Benedict  and Josh Slotwinski. They were assisted by their co-leaders Nicole Chinchar and Dawn Cammarano and friends Stacey Benedict, Joanne Leaf and Kathryn Boyd.

Madelyn Bemedict lives next to the greenway and requested that the troop clean it up because when she rides her bike on it, she sees all the garbage. The troop will revisit the site in the near future to maintain their clean-up efforts.

"Most of the monies that we have raised from selling cookies will be donated to charities that the girls presented and then voted on--we have helped put together Thanksgiving meals for the Hands of Hope in Edison, and are currently working on treat bags for a Mother's day gift for members of Hands of Hope," Cammarano added.


Next year the troop will go for their Bronze Award. "They are always willing to step up to the plate, make their voices heard and then act!" their leaders proudly claimed so the town will continue to benefit from their awesome services.

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