Inspired Elephant Workshop Notice for November 16th

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On Thursday, November 16th, we are hosting our next Inspired Elephant Workshop in the series of creating your ideal future.

We hear you.  You have goals and desires but you wear so many hats and carry a to-do list longer than the lines at Target on Black Friday.  In creating this workshop, we took all that into account and asked ourselves what could make this fun, unique and effective for our busy herd?  

In Get Inspired: Writing for Clarity, we cut to the chase.  We are going to help you GET CLEAR on what you want by identifying what you DON'T want.  Similar to our vision board workshop, you will create a vision for your future but this time, using the written word.  And we are going to do this in a cozy and supportive atmosphere surrounded by other sisters feeling the same way.  

Why are we doing this?  Because we LOVE this stuff.  We want to make a difference in the world.  Some folks run for public office (please remember to vote today!), others write best-selling personal development books. At Inspired Elephant, we distribute positive content and run workshops so we can take what we've learned and implemented in our own lives, and share it with all of you. Through these efforts, we hope to build a community (or herd) because we feel there is wisdom to be shared and support in numbers.  That's our way of effecting positive change. 

So please leave your much-detested To-do list at the door and take just 90 minutes out of your lives to create a pathway to your ideal future.  By the way, we are going to have fun doing this too!

For those of you that have done the Vision Board Workshop, this is a fantastic complement.  Bring your boards with you!

Please come.  And tell your friends.  Better yet, bring your friends!  

And did we mention we are going to have fun???

Registration can be found RIGHT HERE!

If you have any questions, you know where to find us!

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