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Buckeye Pipeline runs along the Port Reading Railroad Right of Way.

Some answers:

The Buckeye Pipeline runs along the industrial rail line in the northern part of the town. From where they are doing bridge construction on 27 now, past the high school, behind homes on Norris, then Willow and by St. Joe's HS. It's the line that blew up in Edison back in the early 90s. Here's a map:

The Borough Council meeting videos are not being put on the web site because we are in the middle of a transition to a new streaming and "video on demand" system from TelVue. I got a sneak peak at their service while attending a conference a month or so ago and believe that you will find it to be a vast improvement. This service is being provided through a partnership between the Borough and the Board of Education. Instead of editing and producing the video for the existing web system, the staff has instead focused on getting the new system in place. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can check out what's coming here:

Why don't the dog people fence in their yards and they can make their own doggie park.

what's up with the council meeting videos? they're four meetings behind.

Where is the Buckeye pipeline in Metuchen? There is a notice posted on the borough web site regarding "vegetation management" along their right of way.

All of the Duke farms eaglets have fledged. Bye bye birdies.

Let's talk tomato plants. Anyone else having a wilt problem?

Mrs. Carter is the new Campbell principal.

Time to watch the BOE appoint the Campbell principal.

Spidermonkies Rocked! Go Zack!

Spidermonkies Rocked!

How to deal with neighbors who hate listening to barking all day long?

The American Kennel Club has good information for a dog park. They even mention a success story from Monmouth County here in NJ.

There are quite a few things to consider, including liability, budgeting, how to fund the park and much more.

That the trailhead for the greenway, dont think they want it a dog park, going to be parking, info kiosk, stuff like that. How about across the street? Maybe the sports complex guy can through one in?

I think that a dog park would be great. I've mentioned it to leaders at the community visioning workshop back in December or so. They seem to be pretty responsive to things. When I mentioned not having recycling downtown, I was pleasantly surprised when they had containers there a few months later. The open space off of Durham pass the hardware store would be a good spot.

We should gather a few people and start going to council meetings and make it happen!

What is a trackback?

This is a cool site.

Former superfund site to be used for recreation
Heather Brookhart / Correspondent

Print this article
Share this article Published: Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Updated: Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Andrew Howard / Associate Photography Editor

The former Chemical Insecticide Corporation Superfund site in Edison, above, has been cleaned up and now town officials are holding public to decide what to do with the 6 acres of preserved land.
Once contaminated with a slew of chemical pollutants, and home to rabbits who ingested so many herbicides their coat turned green, the site of the former Chemical Insecticide Corporation Superfund site will receive a second life.
The formerly toxic site in Edison, N.J. has recently been purchased for $1 million for public use as a park for open space and recreation.
The Edison Wetlands Association, Congressman Frank Pallone, Edison Township Mayor Jun Choi and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regional Administrator Alan Steinberg held a press conference last month announcing the purchase and preservation of the site.
Executive Director of the Edison Wetlands Association, Robert Spiegel, said he really wants to see the area used for public space and parkland.
“It would be a real shame to put a warehouse on it especially with how the community suffered a significant amount of harm,” Spiegel said.
Edison Township spokesman Jerry Barca said future plans for the site have not yet been finalized and the township has met with members of the community to get ideas for how the public space should be used. Barca said residents have suggested utilizing the area for a dog park and walking paths.

Edison to build park on ex-Superfund site
EPA spent $53M to decontaminate ground where chemical plant stood
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Star-Ledger Staff
Edison officials completed the $1 million purchase of the old Chemical Insecticide Corp. yesterday and promised to convert the former Superfund site into a park for the public's enjoyment.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency spent $53 million removing more than 350,000 tons of tainted soil -- sometimes digging 30 feet deep to eliminate chemical- laced lagoons -- to make it safe for public use.

"It was a model for EPA cleanup and public participation," said Robert Spiegel, executive di rector of the Edison Wetlands Association, which spearheaded the call for action.

Beginning in the early 1990s, Spiegel drew national attention to the site, staging press conferences, filming the pollution and testing the soil. The campaign pressured the federal agency to make the six- acre site, off Whitman Avenue near the Metuchen border, a priority. Trucks hauled out the last loads of soil contaminated with arsenic and other pollutants in 2005.

Mayor Jun Choi said an advisory panel will be named to gather input and make recommendations for the new park. He suggested part of the property could be a dog park. Edison acquired the land using $580,000 from the local open space trust fund and a $420,000 state Green Acres grant to the EWA.

Gail Horvath, who has lived across from the plant for the past 32 years, was overjoyed by the property's turnabout.

"It's wonderful -- great," she said before a brief ceremony yesterday on the property, where pollution was once so rampant that underbelly fur on the wild rabbits there was green from the carcinogenic chemical dinoseb.

For years, Horvath and her neighbors lived quietly, never imagining the plant posed a hazard to them. Once inspectors detected the contamination and authorities urged testing for their children, however, the community was gal vanized.

"We thought we were in another Love Canal," Horvath recalled, referring to the upstate New York town where toxic waste was buried.

Here are some examples from other towns:

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2009
Local Residents Want Noisy Bark Park Muzzled
Several long term property owners/residents of the cul-de-sac portion of Wyndemere Avenue (just east of Pershing Avenue) are protesting the constant noise emanating from Bergen County’s Bark Park located within the Ridgewood Wild Duck Pond Area.

Speaking during last week’s Village Council meeting, at least three residents of the cul-de-sac complained about being subjected to 12 hours of non stop barking, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Complaints also surfaced with regard to regular illegal parking along the Park’s main access road.

Mayor David T. Pfund indicated that a meeting between Village officials and representatives from the Bergen County Parks Department had already been scheduled by Village Attorney Matthew S. Rogers, and a report of that meeting would be discussed publicly during an upcoming Village Council Work Session.

11470. Union County is going to the dogs
by fordman117, 3/9/09 16:51 ET
In case you all missed it in the ladger today there was a bid out for someone to build or to remodel a dog park for 1.5 million in Echo lake park. Wow lets let 84 worker go and spend that money to build a place to walk your dogs!! What is wrong with these freeloaders lets take care of the dogs first and our employees second........

2809.1. Dog Park Design
by MrSoothsayer, 2/9/09 15:13 ET
Re: Dog Park = Gross by DoctrZaius, 2/9/09
Maybe if proper planning would have gone into the design of the Dog Park, more people would not be complaining. Obviously, the person responsible did not do his homework. Incompetence is no excuse for poor planning. For instance, there should be 2 parks, one for large dogs and one for small dogs. Also, the size of the park is way too small. The Humane Socitey says it should be at least be an acre.
Click to

2312. Dog Parks Needed
by tkw620, 2/26/09 16:00 ET
There are not enough dog parks located close to our county where dogs can roam freely, and unleashed in a fenced in area designated to them by size.
2312.1. There's Enough @ Little Ease Park
by sdn77, 2/26/09 16:14 ET
Re: Dog Parks Needed by tkw620, 2/26/09
Dog's are always running free down there. Owners please clean up after your dogs. Our youth play and practice on those fields where you let your dogs s**t. Had to clean up too many piles during football season. A little responsibility for your pets!

2312.2. Are Dogs
by redintheface, 2/26/09 21:53 ET
Re: Dog Parks Needed by tkw620, 2/26/09
even aloud to be in the park. I know there is an ordinace that you do have to clean up after your pet. Does anyone enforce that ordinace or what. I know alot of towns where dogs are not to be in any of thier parks.

Go to the » Dumont forum

2751. dog park at tonight's council meeting?
by singingpro99, 2/3/09 17:45 ET
does anyone know if the dog park will be discussed at tonight's council meeting? Will there be a council meeting given the weather?
it seems that very few people want dogs in the park, me included, so I don't understand why the borough admin. would push for this? it also seemed to come out of nowhere. what could the mayor and council be thinking here?
someone mentioned that the dog park could be put near the woods/park near Franklin. Does anyone think that has a chance of moving forward instead?

2841. NO DOGS!!!
by dumont2, 3/17/09 19:50 ET
We need to keep fighting to keep dogs out of the parks in Dumont! My daughter had softball practice tonight and steped in poo walking from the curb to the bleachers...about 4 feet where she sat to put on her cleats. People think it's ok to stand on the street and let their dog go on the grass. They argue that they aren't "in the park"...but their dog's poo is!!!

2961. KEEP OUT
by pinstripefan, 3/6/09 18:39 ET
Keep your dogs off the ballfields.
This is not a PSA.

Cleveland Field is not a Dog Run.

I'm not a hater, just shocked at the lack of respect, paid by Dog Owners. Cleveland Field looked like Belmont park with all of the tracks.

The dog tracks aren't from little daschunds either. Just remember to smile, b/c your on candid camera.

Don't like the tone, sorry. Maybe you can get a bird or cat.

2961.1. That's so true
by mywoody, 3/6/09 20:00 ET
Re: KEEP OUT by pinstripefan, 3/6/09
It is disturbing that people let dogs loose where kids will play ball. Please be more considerate.

2961.1.1. Agree
by LoisLane1966, 3/6/09 22:28 ET
Re: KEEP OUT by pinstripefan, 3/6/09
It's not only disgusting, it's against the law.

People have looked into it but it usually comes down to - sounds good but not in my backyard.

Dog Park

I was wondering if there has been any conversation about having a dog park in Metuchen. WOuld be a nice way for neighbors and puppies to gather

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