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MetuchenMatters.com is an ongoing forum for community and area news, original features, and aggregated pieces that affect Metuchen and its environs.  It provides an outlet for interactive communication through web-blogging and posting for its readers, including Metuchen residents and area neighbors.  Every article, every item, will be presented in such a manner as to encourage and open ongoing discussions.

Metuchen residents care about their town and are interested in the goings-on of Borough Hall, the Board of Education, Main Street businesses, development, neighbors who have unusual or interesting skills and more but are often unable to stay connected.  Newspapers cover selected stories but there is neither print media devoted entirely to Metuchen nor one that enables instantaneous discussion and feedback.  While there are currently blogs covering Metuchen issues, none bring together all areas of life in Metuchen, in one place, and from a home-based perspective.

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