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Farmers' Market Vendor Profile: Yona's Gourmet Delights

yona.jpgFrom the Metuchen Farmers' Market:

Yona's Gourmet Delights is a purveyor of mini quiche and bourekas which are triangle appetizers. Our line is entirely vegetarian except for the Hot Dog sliders (which are very popular). The mini quiche are unique because they are loaded with vegetables and are 125 calories or less. We do not use butter or cream to make them. The concept of our appetizers and quiche is that they are convenient, easy to heat or freeze and ready to eat in minutes. I hope you enjoy our "quiche-to-go" we hope to one day to package and have them available in your neighborhood supermarket. 

Horse Trough Triangle uproar ends in a whimper

The trial of the tree cutters was held yesterday in Franklin Township.  (Click here for earlier stories on the incident). 


From a Metuchenite in attendance:


'Municipal Judge E. Ronald Wright, Franklin Township Somerset County, dismissed the case against The Woodwild Park Association. Nobody from the Borough of Metuchen (the complainant) appeared at the hearing, other than Metuchen Police officer Keane who was sent to testify. (Poor guy, it was his day off and nobody else showed up.)  Robert Devlin, attorney for The Woodwild Park Association, made a motion for dismissal which was then granted by Judge Wright.'


A bit of Irony

Triangle_Accident_2009-04-03_240pm.jpegOn Friday afternoon at about 2:30, a traffic accident resulted in a car plowing onto the Oak Ave Triangle, directly over the stump of one of the downed-trees there has been so much discussion about.  Both drivers appeared to be up and around - unhurt.  Had the tree been there, who knows what may have resulted - or if the tree would have survived the crash.  Certainly there will always be trees and potential crashes are no reason not to plant them. But for those following the story, it was a weird scenario to consider. 

The Triangle, The Trees, and the Law

The case of the downed evergreens at the horse trough triangle continues as Borough Attorney David Frizell's findings are made public. In his opinion, after an extensive review, the Shade Tree Commission has jurisdiction over the property in question and has the right to prosecute the offenders.  The Woodwild Park Association members who defiantly cut down the two evergreens could face fines of up to $1,000 or 90 days of imprisonment or community service.  Each tree could be looked at as a separate incident. 

Legal fees for 20 hours of billable time plus fees for the professional services of a local land surveyor are now due. 

Attorney Frizell's Letter to the Mayor 

February 13th Update:

To round-out the story, attached please find copies of three letters sent from Woodwild Park Association to the mayor and council.  They are posted on the Woodwild Park website.

December 15th letter   January 16th letter   February 13th letter

Woodwild Park Association Gets Some Heat for Tree Removals

During the public portion of Monday's Borough Council meeting, members of the Woodwild Park Association presented a defense of  their removal of two blue spruce trees from the horse trough triangle at the intersection of Oak Avenue and Middlesex Avenue.  After the trees were taken down last week the police were called and an incident report was filed because the trees were believed to be Borough property.  Members argued they had the right to remove the trees because Woodwild Park and the triangle have been under their care since the Charles H. Corbin family conveyed the title to both areas to the group over 100 years ago. The Council was quick to point out that, if the trees were in the Borough's right-of-way, this conveyance couldn't be used to allow for the removal.

The group felt the trees were a traffic hazard, so back in May the Association presented a renovation plan for the triangle to the Shade Tree Commission; the plan included the removal of the two spruces. According to a Shade Tree Commission representative at the meeting, the plan was rejected after the Metuchen Police concluded the trees did not present a traffic safety issue.  The Woodwild Park Association says they were not informed of this decision; the Shade Tree Commission says they were.  The matter is now under investigation.

Why didn't the Shade Tree Commission just let the Woodwild Park Association remove the trees back in May?  The group has been taking care of the triangle and the park for over 100 years with their own time and money.  They wanted to take down two ornamental trees, not mature shade trees that would take decades to replace.  The Woodwild Park Association should be allowed to put together a plan and execute it. They deserve that much for their century of hard work.

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