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Last seen on Woodbridge Avenue by the Metuchen Presbyterian Church. She is a one year old, yellow color female,approximately 20lbs and 1 foot tall. She was wearing a pink harness with a purple leash when she got away. She is a very timid dog. If you see her, please call Jill Kitsko at 732-549-6492

Ive heard Gracie Knox 1880s Pink house is being knocked down to build 2. Sad if true. We need zoning here.

I think the Leave a Comment box should be moved to the top to make it easier for people to post...just a suggestion. I found a great Pizza Place on Main Street (South End) and High Street. Its called Gulinos. Anyways, Lucca owns the place and makes a great food. Something about the sauce. Family came in from FL for Christmas and we walked there on Monday to pick up food. Everyone could not stop talking about the taste! I even met Councilman Weber there..although he was wearing an Eagles head warmer. I think it was the only thing he could find to keep warm! JK Councilman.

A reader who couldn't get their sign-in to work asked that I post this:

J's Looming Public Pension Disaster

New Jersey's defined benefit pension systems are null by more than $170 billion, an amount equivalent to 44 percent of gross state product (GSP) and 328 percent of the state's explicit government debt.

Depending on market conditions, the state will begin to run out of money to pay benefits between 2013 and 2019. The state's five defined benefit pension plans cover over 770,000 workers, and more than a quarter million retirees depend on state pensions paying out almost $6 billion per year in benefits. Nationwide, state pensions are underfunded by as much as $3 trillion, approximately 20 percent of America's annual output.

This path is not sustainable.

In order to avert a fiscal crisis and ensure that future state employees have dependable retirement savings, New Jersey should follow the lead of the federal government and the private sector and move from defined benefit pensions to defined contribution pensions like the private sector. While significant liabilities will remain, the first step to addressing the pension crisis is capping existing liabilities and providing new employees with more sustainable retirement options.

Specifically, the paper recommends that policy makers:

• Extend the defined contribution plan already available to state university faculty and staff and the state's Defined Contribution Retirement Program to all state employees.
• Reduce or freeze cost of living adjustments to reduce the state's unfunded liability.
• Transition non-vested workers to defined contribution plans.


Oops -- I meant Brunswick and Thomas AT Edgar.

One of the crossing guards told me that with the budget cuts, a number of the crossing guards would no longer be at their corners. He mentioned the following corners: Bounty and Hunt, Bounty and Woodbridge, Brunswick and Edgar.
Can anyone confirm this? Does anyone know a list of affected crossings?

Light is still out. Will be making my monthly call to public works, if anyone else would like to call please do so.

Many thanks

On a separate note, does anyone remember how long it took to fix the pedestrian light at Middlesex Ave? Well I know it's not 100% fixed but to where it is now...

The button on the north side of the one on Central Ave is not working and I am curious as to how long I'll have to play frogger.

Where I used to live it was the projects that paid the cops, they weren't paid by the city and I believe they were off duty. They just wore their uniforms. Not sure how it works here.

Anyone let me know where there's good sledding around town? Maybe Roosevelt Park?


Does anyone know the cost it takes to keep Metuchen police officers and cruisers next to all roadside projects?

Couldn't we better allocate those resources to save the taxpayer money?

From the reading cross-linked in the article, it seems like there may be opportunities to incinerate rather than land-fill. Land is too cheap in the more open areas to the west.

Can anyone suggest a DJ and/or kid's entertainer for a communion party? Thanks!

Interesting article - I think the composting reference was more about having it hauled and the energy wasted on fuel for trucks, ie like the town does for leaves and grass clippings (we use those as mulch for our gardens). The nutrients and such that you get back help grow plants/trees that absorb CO2.

As far as everything else, well that's a whole other can of worms. Perhaps if usage was adjusted we wouldn't have as much trash in the first place...

Is recycling a waste?

Diverting 35% of waste into recycling is about as a high as any city can justify, he says.

Trying to recycle more can be wasteful, if not harmful, he says, even though many major cities are setting targets at 70% or higher.

"People say you can't recycle too much. It turns out you can," says Mr. Porter, president of the environmental consulting firm, the Waste Policy Center, near Washington, D.C. "If you spend enough money, you can recycle anything. That doesn't mean you should."

While a blue bin out front makes us feel we're helping the planet, recycling most household materials has either minimal environmental impact, or even a negative one. Homeowners dutifully put out their glass, plastic, steel and aluminum packaging. But the only really valuable item, Mr. Porter says, is the metal.


And for you composting fans "A 2000 study by the London-based environmental group Friends of the Earth found that collecting yard waste for recycling (ie, making mulch) emitted 264 more pounds of CO2 than burying it in a landfill."

The gutters are in the street. The town maintains the street. The town is responsible for maintaining the gutters.

Of course, if you wait for the town to get around to doing the one in front of your house, you might get wet.

I have seen the Dept. of Public Works shoveling wet leaves out of gutters. But, I've also seen homeowners near them do it. My husband has gone out during heavy rains to do that, since our street has a habit of not draining well in heavy downpours.

Anyone have any recommendations for a good massage place? I'd like to get a gift certificate to one for my husband but am not having much luck finding any local masssage place websites, only phone numbers and would really like not to have to call all over to get information. Anyone have any recommendations to get me started off? Thanks.

I have two questions they are of unrelated but any help would be appreciated.

1. I noticed there was a boot camp sign in the park at the corner of Main & Plainfield. Does anyone have any information or a contact? Is it only in the summer time?

2. How does the town enforce getting leaves out of gutters? When I walk home I see a lot of gutters clogged with leaves. I know last winter was a real pain walking because on top of people not shoveling (how is that enforced?) the corners were a flooded mess with melted snow and leaf clogged gutters. We pick up the leaves in the gutter in front of our house and I have seen one other house that does as well. But that is definitely not the norm.

Do we need a shade tree commission?

Right now, the city controls the trees that are along the right of way. That land is actually owned by the property owner, but the town has a say in what goes there.

In doing this, the town takes on some liability. If the town (or shade tree commission) is notified by a property owner that a tree is in bad shape and nothing is done about it, then the town is legally responsible for it if something happens (like it falling on a car/house/person.)

Why does the town want this? Property owners who would hire someone to take care of the tree don't because of the hassle of getting approval.

Why not just get rid of the shade tree commission and pass ordinances? Ordinances like you have to have a certain number of trees in front of your property. Ordinances like you must plant the right type of trees? Ordinances like you must maintain the tree?

This is pretty much what happens now, but why put our town at risk for liability? Maybe I just don't know, but would appreciate learning the errors of my ways, but why does the town carry this additional risk when it could just pass ordinances concerning this?

Does anyone know of any special needs dance or gymnastics classes in the area? Other than Dawn's school of dance - her class was not available.


Team: Aaron’s Army

To benefit the Arthritis Foundation

To make a donation or to join our team (Aaron’s Army) visit:


DATE: Sunday, December 6, 2009


Novita Bistro & Lounge
25 New Street, Metuchen, New Jersey 08840

TIME: 8:30 am Registration & Packet Pick Up
9:45 am Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
10:00 am Start Time
11:00 am Finish Line Reception

DISTANCE: 5K Run/Walk (3.1 miles)

PARTICIPANTS: Over 400 participants and volunteers are expected. Participants will receive a T-shirt, lunch, "Beat the Cold” goodie bag & bells!!

FEES: Registration Fee is $20 before November 6
$25 starting November 7th through day of event

FOOD: Morning snacks & drinks; Water provided on the route; Finish line reception courtesy of Novita Bistro & Lounge.

PLEDGES: Runners and Walkers are encouraged to raise additional dollars for great prizes!

HIGHLIGHTS: KIDS SANTA CHASE - Kids ages 12 and under have the opportunity to run after Santa for a prize!

I wouldn't say boring but I agree, this site seems to have less interaction with the public since the removal of anonymous posting. Is is fear that those anonymous posters will be found out if they use a nom de plume? I stop in this site every day to read the latest pieces and really appreciate the great job the staff of Metuchen Matters does to get info about our town out there, but I do truly miss the comments. Comments are a great check on the pulse of the community, and they also are informative to those who are new to our town. Hopefully, people will take a moment to sign up and instead of thinking about the articles, they will again begin commenting.

Personally, I believe this site has gotten kind of boring, sure, you still present the news and the things happening in Metuchen, but I miss the reader feedback. That is what new media is about, good news isn't about just presenting the information anymore, it is about a two way (sometimes more) conversation. Sure, you have to put up with a lot of nonsense, but you get a much richer knowledge of what is actually going on.

On another subject, how can anyone possibly want to vote for John Corzine for our gov? Is New Jersey better off today than we were 4 years ago? I saw on NJ.Com that someone had posted that our school aid had gone up over the time he has been in office. Like that is a good thing? Sure, the overall state aid for schools might have gone up, but it sure has not gone up in Metuchen. We get zip, zero, nada (well, we do get a bit for special ed, but that is probably required by law.)

One nice way to look at it is when overall education spending by the state goes up, more and more of our dollars go to Newark.

Then there is talk of raising the gas tax because our gas tax is low. Think any of those tax dollars would come to Metuchen?

Yes, Corzine has been rough on the unions, ya, right. You think those "pay cuts" are serious? He just pushed off the payments till the future, which is exactly what Metuchen did with pension payments. We are still on the hook for them, we will have to pay those amounts plus interest in the years to come. How does that help us?

Christie? Is he a great guy? Doubt it, but anyone that would vote for Corzine has to be so blinded by party politics that they are so far gone that they can't possibly have a clue.

Family Friends will be having a playgroup open house on Monday October 5 and Wednesday October 7 from 10 AM to noon at Fryer Hall (the building next to St. Luke's Episcopal Church) at 17 Oak Ave. in Metuchen. Please join us to learn more about and participate in our playgroups.

Monday's playgroup consists of free play, a snack, and a craft. Wednesday's playgroup includes free play and an organized activity such as sing-a-longs, dance, parachute games, and school yard games.

The playgroups are geared for babies through pre-school aged children.

For more information, please visit our website at www.familyfriendsinc.org.

Yah - I had registered awhile back but they never responded. I think it may be for vendors and/or contractors. Was just curious to see if anyone heard/knew of venues to be opening in either location.

Oh well, I guess we'll have to wait for the press releases. They even want you to register to gain access to their web site.


Thanks Eileen but they aren't disclosing who has signed...

Yes, the developers and their realtors would know if they have secured any tenants.

Does anyone know what specific shops will be going into either the The District at Metuchen or the Edison Towne Square?

I don't know the specific date but Sat night went walking with my wife and the door was open and they invited us in for a drink...

Can't wait, we need a good pub around here.

Linda, There's also a Shop Rite further down route 1 south. They have some things that Stop & Shop doesn't carry and have good weeekly sales. The A&P in Tano Mall is the most expensive (but their bakery makes good muffins).

I know people who use the Colonial Village Laundromat and they are happy with it.

When is Hailey's set to open?

thank you so much Teri - this info is priceless to me!! Best, Linda

Hi Linda,

There is a laundromat in Colonial Village, which is the mall that sits behind 7/11 on the corner of Route 27 and Parsonage Road. It's at the far left corner of the strip of stores. I think that one is the closest.

Some folks travel to Wegman's in Woodbridge to shop but Stop & Shop is on Route 1 South, just after you enter Route 1 from Main Street (by Applebees and Home Depot) and A&P is in the Tano Mall on Amboy Ave.

Hope your washer and dryer come soon!

another few questions: Is there somewhere IN metuchen to get laundry done? I don't have (even though it was promised) a washer and dryer in my new apartment and will have to do laundry outside of the home until they get one. I can't seem to locate a laundromat anywhere in town.

Also, where does everyone do their grocery shopping? I am guessing Edwards closed down?

Townwide Garage Sale today on a beautiful day.

I'm trying to find the little girl that bought our Shrinky Dink Machine....I forgot to give her the box which held the trays and other important parts. If anyone hears of a parent complaining...please send them back!

Does anyone know when the schools will be playing President Obama's speech to school children to the Metuchen students? I can understand why it wasn't played on Tuesday, but does anyone know when it will be played in the future? Please don't say they can watch it at home, as that has already been done with my children, however the President asked for it to be played in school, to all students, (some of whom do not have computers at home) and so I was wondering. Thanks.

I have no problem with scouts doing projects to help our parks. I think that's great However they should not be doing routine cleanup and care. That is someone's actual job. I find myself driving extra miles to other nicer parks outside of town and with the taxes we all pay it's a shame.
I wish I had the time to attend a meeting however it seems like I'm always working longer hours to help pay my taxes.

There is a community service group at MHS, an environmental club at Edgar school, and numerous girl scout and boy scout troops in town.

You could also attend a meeting of the Recreation Commission, which generally meets the second Thursday of each month. Call Nancy Goldberg (632-8502) to confirm the next meeting time and date.

Thanks for the comments and feedback.
I am also paying those taxes, still as I do not find anyone to be taking care of our parks (leave alone pushing kids,though I pay enough tax to employ one person full time) there is no harm in taking an extra step toward the community and neighbourhood. May be we can involve school kids. Irony is I do not know many people around here.
Hope to get some positive results from this thread.

"Be the change you want to see in the word" - Mahatma Gandhi.

I appreciate all the concern and comments and I pay those taxes as well. Still, since there is no one taking care of the park (leave alone, pushing our kids) I see no harm in taking care of our community and neighborhood.
Is there anybody here who can organize this, we might involve school kids. I do not know many people in Metuchen and hope to get some positive feedback.
"Be the change, you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

Our taxes are not high because I'm asking people to do their jobs. Our taxes are high because people ARE NOT doing their jobs. With the amount of taxes I'm paying our parks should be beautiful, actually with the taxes I'm paying the DPW should be pushing my kids on swings.

Jack, that attitude is why the taxes in this state are so high! I agree with Clare. Why not have volunteers do some things, whether or not they're eagle scouts? Leave DPW for the stuff volunteers can't do, like trimming the dead branches off the trees before they fall on someone's head.

Sounds like a job for the people that get paid to clean up and repair the park.

Sounds like a good Eagle Scout project!

I am a resident of Metuchen and visit the park on Hampton Street.
This park has baseball , basketball and soccer court in addition to play area for kids. This is quite and I found it quite safe for kids to play around.
Though the condition of grass and benches and quite run down. Wondering if we can come up with a group of volunteer to renovate the park and make it a better/popular place.

Does anyone know what the "mechanical problems" are that have resulted in the pool closing today?

in comparison to HP, metuchen is sleepy and not forward thinking as one has posted. It has plenty of potential for everyone (bikers, businesses, etc.) but the opportunity isn't taken.

Anyone know if there'll be a JV or Freshman FOOTBALL team at Metuchen High this year?

Fall Rec Soccer FAQ

Q: Can I still sign my kids up for fall rec soccer?

A: Yes, just go to www.metuchensoccer.com to register online or pick up an application at the library, the pool, or the rec department in borough hall.

Q: What about the late fee?

A: There is a $20 late fee PER FAMILY in effect, not per child. If you have three kids you can sign them all up and only pay one late fee.

Q: Are there exceptions to the late fee?

A: Yes. There is no late fee for the kindergarten division and no late fee for families who have recently moved to town.

Q: When will I find out who my child's coach is?

A: Coaches are given their rosters the first week of September.

Email the club at registrationinfo@metuchensoccer.com or call and leave a message on our voice mail at 732-494-9093 if you have any other questions.

Had to dig the old Crit out of the recycling pile to see what your were talking about. Soon as I read the ad I knew it was the house on Hofer Court. Since the Ayres Allen house is not on a cul de sac I don't know why people would conclude that house was for sale. The Ayers Allen house is not the only house in town from that era. The Hofer court house was never a tavern, which is probably why they describe it as the oldest "permanent residence" in town.

I use Cablevision Triple Play for TV, internet and phone. Verizon Fios is not available in Metuchen, so your only option for cable TV is Cablevision (unless you don't mind satellite).

question: I'm moving to Metuchen next month and would like to get set up for cable tv and internet access.. any suggestion of a good, affordable service in the area - comcast? opt online? verizon? many thanks, Linda

Just want to say that the Ayers-Allen House on Durham Avenue is NOT for sale... seems there was a little confusion over a recent real estate ad in the Criterion. That ad is for a very different house but the "history" given for it only seems to match our house. Hope that house finds an owner as devoted to it as we are to ours, and thanks for the concern from everyone who thought we were looking to move.

We had a weird occurrence. At 1 a.m. this morning, a man knocked on our front door (actually he knocked 3-4 times, until I went to the door.) Apparently, he only wanted directions to Plainfield. But, as my husband spoke to him through a locked door, I called 911. The man left after he had gotten directions, and Officer Russo showed up at our house. Apparently, the man had been drinking, and the officers found him knocking on a house a few doors down the street. But, we were happy with the response time of the Metuchen P.D. Thanks!

Metuchen Town Soccer Club Registration is Still Open for Fall 2009.

Don't miss out on a fun season of soccer! Registration for Metuchen Town Soccer Club's 18th year of fall recreational soccer is still open. $20 late fee is now in effect, making it $50 for ten weeks of soccer on Saturdays from September 12 through November 21 (no games September 19).

For children who will be in grades K-9 this fall, who live or go to school in Metuchen or whose parents work in Metuchen.

No tryouts. Everyone plays. Small-sided games. The only special equipment you need is shin guards. And don't forget a bottle of water!

Register on the club the web site at www.metuchensoccer.com, or pick up an application at the Metuchen Public Library, Metuchen Pool, or the Recreation Department in Metuchen Borough Hall.

Financial assistance is available. Call the club voice mail at 732-494-9093 or email registrationinfo@metuchensoccer.com. All requests for assistance are kept confidential.

The club is also looking for businesses who would like to sponsor a soccer team. Your company name will be printed on the back of your team's shirts, and will also appear on the game schedule for your team's division, on the schedule for photo night, and on the club web site.

Be a part of the action! Over 550 children and more than 150 adult volunteers will thank you. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact the club at the above voice mail or email. Sponsorships are $100.

The Metuchen Town Soccer Club is a not-for-profit organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the Metuchen Town Soccer Club (other than player registration and late fees) and to the Tony Black Memorial Fund are tax deductible. Information filed with the Attorney General concerning The Metuchen Town Soccer Club may be obtained from the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey by calling (973) 504-6215. Registration with the Attorney General does not imply endorsement. Federal ID#22-3092312. NJ Charities Reg. #CH1270200.

"The town can't possibly maintain every tiny section of land." No kidding. It barely maintains some of the big ones, like Centennial Park. Poison Ivy Festival in there.

Good thing you had a heads up on the semi. When I was younger (not in Metuchen), a next door neighbor drove a truck for a living and parked it in his long driveway. Heck, it was really loud when he started it up in the morning or worse in the middle of the night when my poor Dad was just getting to sleep after working shift work.

When we were buying our realtor checked out our block and spoke to neighbors walking dogs.

Plant more flowers everywhere

Then water them when its dry

Thanks in advance

We did this on our street. Go to the tax office & see the clerk - ask them if it's town property. The town can't possibly maintain every tiny section of land. Some are "lost" and are at intersections, corners, and especially dead end streets. No permits are needed if you are just planting flowers, as long as you aren't planting or cutting down trees, and don't obstruct car driver sight (apparently this was the problem sighted previously at the Middlesex Ave/Oak Ave intersection.) Good Luck.

3:46, you have to find out if they are allowed to park there. Just because they are doing it doesn't mean they are allowed to. It could just mean that no one has complained.

Flower planting is nice, I agree. But if the ordinance says that plantings of trees and shrubbery on public property are within the jurisdiction of the STC, you might have to get their permission. Who knows what they mean by shrubbery? If a neighbor doesn't like the flowers (some people - the formal garden types - actually think wildflowers are "messy") and they complain, and you didn't get permission, who knows what will happen.

What is going on with the flower planting on the Submissions page? Who doesn't like flowers?? For those dog walkers - stop, smell the flowers, but bring a bag and pick up your poop. For the neighbors, join together, plant the flowers. For the green way people - help them plant flowers. We need flowers! Like my 6 year old said - "If they don't like flowers tell them to see the Bee Movie!"

I saw a lovely old "estate sale" home on a quiet dead end Metuchen street. The only reason I didn't buy there was a semi parked in the driveway of one of the homes. Hey, they were there first and I knew from the get-go I would be the "new kid" on the block. Forget that I had 2 small kids and was worried about the "truck traffic." I looked elsewhere. Don't think you can change what is already in place.

On Facebook you have to sign in and use your name. Is it the same format as this website?
In other words, is it worth becoming a friend?

No not after 9:00 PM. Also the street in front of your house does not belong to you. It is a public street not private. It is maintained by public money and belongs to all who travel on it or park on it.

A guy on my block has issues with anyone parking in front of his home. I can somewhat understand his feelings however the large truck he parks in the street has commerical plates. Are you allowed to park a commerical truck overnight on a residental street ?

They have a skateboard park in Edison.

Think of the liability issues with a skateboard park! How many liability issues were raised just to hang art in borough hall?

Yes, the lots could be used more in the summer for fairs and other events. Maybe setup some sort of temporary skateboard park for the kids.

I'm with 11:38, this has become the poll of the month. And I like my front porch best so had to respond "other."

11:58, I don't understand the question?

Please review #19 of this post. The writer is getting a little extreme in my viewpoint. Childish.

Does anyone know what goes on with Metuchen Matters and facebook? I almost hate to put my photo up.

Can we get a new poll?

They do have the farmer's market and some flea markets in the Pearl Street Lot. They had the Fire Truck Pull there too a couple years ago. I'm sure if you want to organize an event people will come to it.

Maybe the parking lots can be used for events during the weekend. Concerts, flea markets a 3-3 basketball tourney, some sort of kid's field day.. anything that might bring people into town

both. thanks for the info.

A gym? Thought you said you were looking for an office?

There is vacant space in the old restaurant supply building on Highland just off Main (near the cigar store), but they have no parking.

Thanks for the info. I am trying to find space to open a gym on or near main st - not looking for a whole lot of space 2500 sq ft. I think the statements about attracting businesses is a smart way to bring traffic to Main. When Main St opens up any more beauty parlors and dollar stores, it is mundane and I would rather go to the mall. I think the issues are simple - Main Street has a short strip and it should be expanded either in length or expansion. The parking lots are great for revenue generation for the town but lets face it - when you are a commuter all you want to do is go home after a long day at work during the week. On the weekends the parking lots are empty. What does this tell you about business on Main Street - it is completely local residents and in my opinion not many residents come to Main on the weekends because there is no variety.

We are adjacent to decaying buildings-doesn't bring in much business.

If Metuchen was adjacent to a huge university we could look like that too.

I have seen adult bikers stopping for coffee in Highland Park. The town looks really good.

Highland Park residents use the south Edison and New Brunswick train stations.

HP has a huge population of college students who live there and who travel across the river from Rutgers to eat there. Not a surprise they're on bikes. Freshmen can't even get a parking sticker.

I like Highland Park, it is a nice, samrt town. The whole key is drawing in business so people travel from other towns to buy there, stay for lunch and talk about the town to friends. I like seeing people on bikes, it reminds me of California.

The thing that surprised me the last time I was in Highland Park was the amount of people on bicycles, it was a lot more than you ever see here. That could a result of their downtown being more centralized than ours. They have roughly the same amount of housing on either side of Rt. 27 and you don't have to deal with any real busy roads to get there - Rt. 27 is the busiest.

I would love to see some temporary stores open around the holiday with special wares. Of course year round would be great, but just to have something of interest would be nice.

I was shopping at White Lotus in Highland Park (http://www.whitelotus.net/) today, a store that used to be in New Brunswick. We asked when and why they moved, they said because the mayor and the chamber kept calling them and sold them on Highland Park. When the space they're in now opened late last year, the mayor called and said they found a great location for them. Does this ever happen here?

Their chamber just seems like a lot more active and forward thinking than ours. I know they did a survey a few years ago on what kind of business people wanted that led to the opening of a small specialty toy store. I've also seen them work with landlords with empty storefronts to put artwork in the windows. I've also seen temporary stores open around the holiday in HP.

HP does NOT have a train station, our downtown (most of it) looks better than theirs, we border North Edison (which has more money than any town HP borders), we should have the upper hand in competing with them for businesses. Are we not aggressive enough? Is there another reason?

1877, look in the Crit - I've seen ads for that. In the past the Convery building was looking for people who wanted to share their office space.

Looking for a small office in Metuchen ideally shared with another professional office. Can anyone refer?

DH used to drive through a small section of Bayonne where you'd get a ticket if you were 1 mile over the limit. People truly drove the limit there.

last year alone ticket revenue was over 400K, that is pretty good money. When O'Brien reduced the force the ticket revenue went down to about 190K. He was saving us money, with overtime and loss revenue his plan cost us dearly. Thank god for Dyas & Vahalla. They got the force back to the right number and now they are making money. Check court records, and the finance dept. Overtime way down, ticket revenue way up. Does not take rocket science.

Sounds like the amount of revenue brought in from speeders would pay for another officer.

I would love to see some turning arrows on the main corner lights (27 and Grove, Lake and Amboy, etc.) and that would probably cut the "cut through" streets traffic in half.

The police would sometimes get berated by the former mayor for ticketing residents.

There are speed humps in other towns - besides Edison I have seen them on side streets in Montgomery. Haven't seen any articles in the papers about lawsuits though. What's the cause of action? Because I was speeding down the street while talking on my cell, I didn't see the speed hump, so the town should pay for the damage to my car? If you hit the south main island, and the rocks on it damage your car, are you going to sure DCR for donating the rocks?

give them tickets, slow them down and fill up the coffers. Residents seem to get alot of breaks from the cops, are they being selective in enforcing the law.

Okay then, have the town just install them. This issue has been going on way too long. As the problems just gets moved from street to street, we will have to install humps throughout the entire town. Can't wait to see what happens, especically when the lawsuits start to fly, from damage to cars, and they will be removed, people in Metuchen are never happy.

And if I'm speeding on my own street, give me a ticket.

I live on Norris, and you can put the speed hump right in front of my house.

I agree with 12:38, the speeders on side streets are frequently residents.

That's what the residents of New York Ave were told when they complained about speeders on their street. The police studied the problem and determined "They're your neighbors." So they're residents, so what? You can't give them tickets? What kind of logic is that? Just because some jerk on Norris Avenue went down and complained about getting a ticket on his own street?

Don't speed and you won't have a problem with the police. 25 means 25.

Here's an intersting pedstrian injury simulator fron England.


be careful what you wish for, speedhumps will deter speed, but there are many negatives, it will just move the problem to adjacent streets. Reduce street parking,more signage,ugly yellow street markings, very noisy, cars usually speed up to and from the humps. Many towns installed them only to later remove them. Enforcement is the answer. Remember the streets of Metuchen are public not private. Be mindful of your neighbors.

Main St. grooved road by the island ,too noisy now town is filling in the grooves to cut down on noise. This was designed to alert drivers that they were entering a residential area and to slow down. Residents complained and now going through expense to fill ion grooves. Speed humps will have the same issue. Whose house do the speed humps go in front of? Not really sold on the idea.

Looking for something to do on the 4th?

The Brio Symphonic Band conducted by Edward Logue will present an Independence Day Concert on the Metuchen High School lawn starting at 5:30 pm. The concert is free. Bring a chair and if you want, a picnic for the family. If there is bad weather, the concert will be in the MHS Auditorium.

Saturday, 04 July, 2009
05:30 PM - 07:00 PM

No Charge

There are many "cut-through" streets in town. I've lived on 2 of them, and there are plenty more. Everyone just needs to remember that we all need to drive carefully no matter what street we are on. And if speed bump and speed humps are necessary reminders, then so be it.

Norris is not the only street with a speeding problem.

Gladly, its dangerous driving that road, I already avoid when I can

Speed bumps do not look tacky, they serve a purpose. It is part of society. Metuchen is not a bubble.

No problem - my taxes not yours - then you can stay off MY street!

We could hire 8 more cops for the price of full day kindergarten.

Me too, if its just your taxes, not mine. I am tapped out.

I'd be for increasing taxes and having an officer dedicated to watching the speeds on Norris! It's that much of a safety issue. My neighbor has had to have her garbage can replaced TWICE in the past year and a half because someone sped around the curve and took it out! Good thing it was her garbage can and not a kid on a bike! It's amazing to see how fast people drive on those curves - sometimes so fast that they have to cross the double yellow line in order to stay on the road! That's very dangerous when there's another car coming the other way. AND usually the speeder has a phone on his/her ear - infuriating!

and norris is a speedway, I am always amazed at how fast people drive that road. And they usually have a blue paw print sticker on their car, so cant blame out of towners

The speed bumps are a lot cheaper than additional police.

Please keep speed bumps out of Metuchen! If you want people to drive slower, increase police on the roads. The speed bumps in Edison look not only look incredibly tacky, but hamper emergency vehicles as well.

Two of the Duke Farms eaglets have left the nest.

Call the police on that

What are the rules in regard to dirt bikes in public parks? I was in Myrtle Park last week and couldnt use the nice new paved walk way around the field because two kids were riding dirt bikes around on it( unsupervised).My kids love this park. It is unfortunate that it is being abused.

What are the rules in regard to dirt bikes in public parks? I was in Myrtle Park last week and couldnt use the nice new paved walk way around the field because two kids were riding dirt bikes around on it( unsupervised).My kids love this park. It is unfortunate that it is being abused.

I'd like to see speed humps put on Norris Avenue, similar to what they have on Grandview in Edison. They could be placed at the beginning and end of the S-curves.

The Norris Avenue residents would greatly appreciate your driving slower when you use our street as a cut-through. There are many children who live on this street. Please be more considerate.

I thought I signed up for notices from the town like school closures, emergencies, etc. Of course this isn't an emergency, but if many people knew about the closures, getting around Grove/27 wouldn't have been dead stop traffic with ambulances trying to get around our cars.

God, what a bunch of whiners we have in Metuchen

You were lucky to have received one. The same consideration should be given to all.

I received a notice on Wadsworth.

When they paved the other end of Grove last year we got a notice.

What a mess on Grove Avenue today! Both lanes were closed. Many residents live on dead end streets and were unable to access their homes. Residents had to park on Norris and walk home. I am sure this would not have been an issue if advance notice was given. In speaking to many neighbors, no one was told of the closure. The boro should have been more considerate. People could have moved their cars in advance instead of being blocked in. I was told by a worker that tomorrow they are moving the paving from the high school toward the hospital. Plan your outings accordingly!

The Forum Theatre could always use the help

My 16 year old son would like to do volunteer work in town over the summer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Fall Rec Soccer Registration Still Open

Metuchen Town Soccer Club Registration is Open for Fall 2009

Register until June 30 with no late fee.

Don't miss out on a fun season of soccer! Registration for Metuchen Town Soccer Club's 18th year of fall recreational soccer is open until June 30 without a late fee. Only $30 for ten weeks of soccer on Saturdays from September 12 through November 21 (no games September 19).

For children who will be in grades K-9 this fall, who live or go to school in Metuchen or whose parents work in Metuchen.

No tryouts. Everyone plays. Small-sided games. The only special equipment you need is shin guards. And don't forget a bottle of water!

Register on the club the web site at www.metuchensoccer.com, or pick up an application at the Metuchen Public Library or the Recreation Department in Metuchen Borough Hall.

Financial assistance is available. Call the club voice mail at 732-494-9093 or email registrationinfo@metuchensoccer.com. All requests for assistance are kept confidential.

The club is also looking for businesses who would like to sponsor a soccer team. Your company name will be printed on the back of your team's shirts, and will also appear on the game schedule for your team's division, on the schedule for photo night, and on the club web site.

Be a part of the action! Over 550 children and more than 150 adult volunteers will thank you. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact the club at the above voice mail or email. Sponsorships are $100.

The Metuchen Town Soccer Club is a not-for-profit organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the Metuchen Town Soccer Club (other than player registration and late fees) and to the Tony Black Memorial Fund are tax deductible. Information filed with the Attorney General concerning The Metuchen Town Soccer Club may be obtained from the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey by calling (973) 504-6215. Registration with the Attorney General does not imply endorsement. Federal ID#22-3092312. NJ Charities Reg. #CH1270200.

it takes so long to load this page.

Why lead off with all the old, shouldn't it be reversed? 2008 was a ling time ago, want to read about more current topics. can this be changed?

I thought it takes a village!


That attitude sure makes for a nice community

Maybe everyone should watch their own children and not give a hoot about someone else's kids.

i carry a blackberry...and work tons of hours.. but kid time is kid time... problems can wait the thirty minutes. no one is that important

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

7:14-don't be so hard on him, my husband works non stop on the phone, believe me it is never a personal call, just someone with a problem somewhere. It is hard for mom's to juggle, men are a little lost and kids do need to learn on their own. I bet next time that little girl will not be so afraid.

This website is suspended? News to those of us who work on it every day. Thanks for the tip!

Maybe he was doing something important like talking to his bookie or his girlfriend?

if you were at the Y yesterday afternoon while the new swimmers were getting their faces wet for the first time (officially), you saw an extreme form of bad parenting... the too important dad with the phone attached to his mug for the whole of the class time... barely paying attention to his daughter as she cried in fear and much less so as he attempted to get her dried up one handed (other on phone)

here's to you bub. way to go. great parenting skills. good of ya to show the rest of the parents in attendance what a man you are.

What do you mean that this website has been suspended?

What do you mean that this website has been suspended?

hmmm....this website has been suspended. Wonder if anything is up.

That made me laugh

Didn't you hear? It's April 81st!

This seems to be the place for gripes. I have a big one.

What is up with our weather? Cool and wet. Maybe the town should get a developer to build an ark? We fix our pool up and we get this? We don't even need a pool, just build our curbs up and there can be neighborhood pools on every street.

Where is all this global warming I keep hearing about? To those 2K scientists that are sure global warming is caused by humans, maybe you should think of a different name for your cause, cause it sure isn't warm.

On a positive note, we are not wasting water on watering our lawns.

Re: Potholes - it depends on whether they are on state, county or town roads.

What potholes are you referring to?


Westerhoff has an art program for kids.

It was supposed to start in Spring 2009 and then they changed it to Fall 2009 depending on market conditions.

The Renaissance web site says Fall 2009 for demo. It's not even summer yet,

Does anyone know how I would get information on "Little Fish Art Studio?" I am looking for art classes for my 7 year old and would like get their phone number and/or website, but can't seem to find it.

Can anyone recommend local art classes?

Who will fix the potholes?

I'm sure it's environmental issues. I really don't think the project will ever get started. We will however have plenty of vacant lots. I say we bring a minor league ball club to Metuchen. Plenty of space where the old Gulton was. It would bring income into town, create job, new restaurants would open...
Metuchen would become a destination.
It would also be great for the kids!
As for Renaissance project...will it ever happen? Between the politicians and the dollars needed for the project, I really doubt it.


There are new dumpsters at the site, maybe they will start tearing down.

If a building is vacant and in disrepair, it should be knocked down, flattened, and the property cleared.

Empty crumbling buildings are fire and health hazards

Yeah the vacant Cryan's property looks SO much better than the vacant building did. NOT.

Very cool, hope it starts soon

that place is a dump

Last I heard the destruction starts in 6 weeks. Have to take care of some environmental issues.

I don't think they are every going to start.

What's going on at the old Stop & Shop? Are they finally going to tear down the eyesore?

I understand your concerns regarding this important issue. Please give Mrs. Sinatra the opportunity to discuss the hiring process at the open public BOE meeting on Tuesday night.

2:26, That does seem like a bad idea, especially since she may retire soon. Do principals get tenure?

Just got a robocall from the School District saying Campbell Field day for Monday is cancelled and Field Day for all grades will be on Tuesday at Campbell. Thought the announcement by Mr. G at the concert was that if it was clear on Tuesday, 3rd and 4th grade could still be at the pool. Bummer.


Thanks for the heads-up. I heard a rumor that Mrs. Sinatra is hoping to pick the new principal herself. That seems disastrous for a district that is desperate for a spark, for some new, innovative spirit that can truly take us "from good to great." Only by working together and really taking the time to search can we find someone with enough imagination and charisma to make it work.

Can you speak to that? Thanks.

At the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday June 16th, Terri Sinatra will be discussing the process for finding the new Principal for Metuchen High School. If you have any questions or concerns, please try to attend. The meeting is at 8:00 in the MHS cafeteria and will also air live on METV.

smoke em if you got em!

Special thank you to the person apparently smoking on school grounds during last night's Campbell School Concert. Thanks so much for stinking up the gym for everyone else and breaking the law, not to mention setting a great example for your kids. Way to go!

12;32, I sure hope he got more done in 12 years than the previous mayor did in four years. He started out promising but then became an arrogant dictator. Most of what happened in the downtown happened because of the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce, not anything EOB did. Didn't hurt that the economy was growing most of the time he was in office. Marshall took office during the last recession. They don't operate in a vacuum.

the worse ever. Ask anybody,especially any of our local developers or even homeowners. He single handily ruined this once lovely town.

Lokk at the federal jails and tell me how many democratic politicians are incarcerated. Don't know why but, they do seem to think they are above the law.

Obama must be thrilled with the dems in the NY senate. What a disgrace.

Where is the 100 million?

No, he banged the whole town, including your wife. She over charged him too.
Maybe you should have your eyes checked. You seem to be the only one that saw improvements. As for the Renaissance project...$100 million and counting. Not in our lifetime. Or our kids lifetime.
We need the Republicans to move this town forward.

Jeez, what did he bang your wife?

It was the Mayor's opponents who tried to halt Renaissance project. Saw improvemnts all over town under O'Brien, the parks, schools, and downtown. Got alot more done than the Mayor before him.

Someones panties are in a knot...

The ex Mayor of Metuchen will go down as one of the worst Mayors this town has ever seen. The David Dinkens of Metuchen! He ran the downtown district into the ground and did nothing to bring new businesses into the borough. The old Foodtown for example. How many investors were run out of town by the Mayor? I don't think O'Brian ever had to meet a payroll in his life. Good bye and good riddance!

I have been driving by Highland Park and into New Brunswick a lot lately. They both look better than I can remember in recent years. Just a thought- but maybe we could add a little about the above towns here and there. It may bring in a few more readers that would see the goings on around in MEtuchen and want to swing on by our town.

7:24, you're not crazy, there was a new comment to an old story about potholes.

I have a question, maybe I should know this, but what happened to the Gorge that used to write articles on this site?

very funny........

It was a story about pot roast. Grilling vs. broiling.

Am I crazy or was there a story about potholes in town the other day?

Looks like the Metuchen police and Edison and East Brunswick officers did a great job.

I have heard that the former Mayor is still running things from behind the scenes. I would not doubt it for a minute. If that is true all the more reason to back the republicans, we need two party government. Not old tyme Democratic strong arming.

BS!!!!!!!! The ex mayor you have to be kidding. The new Mayor is very nice, decent. The ex-Mayor never had anything good to say about the cops. Matter of fact went out of his way to demean and ridicule them. He was not a very nice person, no matter how you slice it. He was just mean!!

I do have to say, from my experience, Metuchen has some of the nicest and most civic minded police officers I have ever come across. Police in general are civic minded, but Metuchen sure does have some good ones.


I hear good stuff about this town all the time

From the Mayors and council peeps

Even from the ex Mayor

Why do you always want to turn the police into some type of political football?

You will never hear anything good from the leaders of this Borough. For some unknown reasons there is a certain dislike for the cops. I think it is envy, or they just don't like police in general. The cops are just as human as the next guy. The local politicians would have you believe something else.

Metuchen Police the finest of Metuchen. What a great group of dedicated officers. Any encounter that I have had with them has been nothing but decent and professional.

I only moved her about 4 years ago, but I had a couple of reasons to speak to an officer and I was very impressed and felt very safe in our little town of Metuchen. They certainly make a difference.

What a jerk!!!! The police do a good job and people have to always shoot it down. The disdain for cops by some in this Borough is disgraceful. The old guard at it again. The former Mayor & his cohorts despised the police. Only because they stood up to the almighty dictator. Well done job by all police involved. Pertinent information sent out by dispatch, to police and surrounding towns. Robber caught. The quick response by the Metuchen Police is truly remarkable. I for one am very proud of our police force.

Metuchen police robbed a bank?

Good Job Metuchen police with the bank robbery this mornin

Am I allowed to say that since I am posting anonymously? lol

It's a musical adaption - original but cute and it worked, although "Nana" got on my nerves a little. If my 5 year old boy liked it - who only likes "fighting" games and things with "action" and playing dead in light saber duels - well, he's a tough sell.


Then your kids should never see a movie based on a book they read, or they will experience the same problem. I saw the Shining and later read the book and I was very happy when the Scatman Crothers character lived in the book, which is very different from the movie. If I had read the book first I think the movie would have been very upsetting.

Are the scripts truer to the originals than what the Forum had been showing before it closed a few years ago? My kids were always disappointed when the stories strayed so far from what they expected.

Thanks so much for the kind remarks. We are very happy to once again present children's theatre at The Forum. We will continue to present kids shows throughout the year. In addition we will soon be holding auditions for for our education program which will include a production of the musical Annie Jr. It will have a cast of all kids up to 17 years of age. For more info on our shows please visit us at www.forumtheatrearts.com
or call our box office at 732.548.5600


Well, 10:40, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. I see nothing tacky about it.

09:42- it may be common but it's still tacky, names make for a more pleasent read.

"If you have a "pen" name you are somewhat accountable for your posts because you can be easliy traced via your email."

Good luck tracing the identity of a Hotmail account. Now your IP address is a different story, and it isn't all that hard to trace that, and that can be done without any kind of registration.

9:09, the point of listing the times of posting is to clarify which comment from anonymous is being responded to. it is a common blog practice.

So people won't just go to hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail, sign up for a free account and then register that?

The one thing I like about anonymous posts is that it requires the reader to consider the content of the post and not be bogged down by who said it. It requires you to think. It doesn't allow you to say "oh, this was posted by a republican/democrat and they are just stupid"

I hate it when I see anonymous replied to comment from anonymous, or worse yet when postings list the times of the posting like 0810, tacky.

If you have a "pen" name you are somewhat accountable for your posts because you can be easliy traced via your email. This may lead to more mature and civil postings from a certain few. at barasinet.com you can only commment if you sign in.

Can't you do the same when the posts are anonymous? I really don't see the difference. You can change your "pen name" as often as you want anyway.

Congrats to the Forum today for reopening. It was nice to be able to walk to a theater with my 5-year-old, he thought the Velveteen Rabbit was very cute even though it had nothing whatsoever to do with Lego Batman.

I hope more people come out this summer and take the kids to see non-TV, non-video game live entertainment and that the theater makes it.

If it is one's motive to continually sign in under different pen names to enjoy slandering others on the site, then you are probably correct that posting under pen names will not change a thing. On the other hand, for those that are civilized and want to comment on postings to provide a different perspective or to provide additional information that may enlighten others, then the pen names would put them on record for their contributions. The majority of posters on Metuchen Matters are serving to support the site in this manner and I am sure that the new policy would not alter their posts. Also, if one pen name continually is found to be without merit or without adding verifiable comments then the readers can disregard these posts as superfluous. Thank you again for all of the efforts of the Metuchen Matters site for the excellent local content.

Whats the difference with anonymous comments and made up pen names? They are both anonymous.

Let the writers/editors of this internet site decide if they want the anonymous nasty comments to continue on the internet site they are responsible for (for their names, their hard work and their paying advertisers). This is not nj.com, this website shows the good class of Metuchen, and except for one or two troublemakers is wonderful example of how the internet can be a positive force in the local communities.

How about a poll of the week regarding if readers want everyone to sign in with any pen name they chose?

Check this out - maybe the Forum could screen it -


So, 8:09 and 9:18, I guess neither of you read the Edison forum on the nj.com website or you wouldn't want to live or shop in Edison either. The comments on that forum are way worse than anything on here. Nearly every internet comment site has nasty comments on it. It's the nature of the internet. As for snobbish comments, yours are awfully snobbish, as if you have never said anything bad about anyone else in your entire life. (I doubt anyone but liars can make that claim.) Or as if the owners of the hardware store and the restaurants downtown are somehow responsible for the comments on this site?

I think it is funny that there are those that are upset with people posting news articles and calling that negative political talk instead of talking about what was said and reported in the newspaper.

Personally I don't see how politics is even an issue here. Its racism and politics for quoting speech but it isn't racism and politics for those that actually uttered the speech?

As Jana mentioned, we will be making changes to our comment policy shortly but, until then, please keep something in mind: If you are in the middle of a heated exchange with another party, it might be a high school student or a person in another state. We find we have readers in a variety of countries, we're pretty big in Switzerland.(?) Many folks in town are FROM Edison. Metuchen business owners are VERY GRATEFUL for their customers from Edison. I'm not sure why some people are so negatively political in online exchanges but those folks represent a very small segment of our readers and an even smaller segment of residents.

Someone once posted “Debate is healthy, keep it civil”: that is the way it should be. . Metuchen Matters is responsible for the content of their postings because they have the power to delete them. The editors as well as the local politicians read this blog and are aware of what is going is being said and unless they delete it they must agree with it. All the negative Edison remarks where made after Jun Choi lost the primary. You have no idea where this person blogging lives and if he/she has a hidden agenda and is manipulating this website. MM is insulting the one hundred thousand people who live around you.

All I can say is before I started reading MM I went out of my way to shop and dine in Metuchen, now, I drive right through without stopping. Free speech is great as long as no one is getting hurt and that should include property values.

Metuchen Matters is not responsible for the content of the postings. That is why safe harbor laws were created, one of which is listed in a previous post.

People do post about the NYC police department, but they are probably closer to NYC than the readers of Metuchen Matters.

Edison and Metuchen have been talked about in terms of merging, so both have an interest in the dealings of each other.

Would you take the Star Ledger to task for reporting the actions of the Edison Police Department? That seems to me like shooting the messenger.

The officer who had his case thrown out of court was actually the officer who criticized his superior for his action and his words.

Are all Edison police racist or bad? Of course not, but I am truly glad to live in Metuchen and not Edison and I hope it stays that way.

The problem is that the sources did not originally have the links posted, and who knows if people make stuff up. Now I know the officer's case was thrown out of court, and the Star Ledger did not call the union leaders thugs. Why doesn't anyone post about the NYC police department or any other large department? You are trashing one town and a department that works together with Metuchen in cases of emergency. The are a lot of Asian Americans who live in Metuchen, they may get the wrong idea and think all officers are racist. Metuchen Matters is responsible for the content of the postings, it represents the views of Metuchen. If I stumbled upon this website while deciding to move to Metuchen, I do not think I would want to live here. All I can tell you is I shop here a lot less. No more hardware store, no more dinners out here, because some of the postings make me sick, they come of very snobbish.

"The comment policy clearly states that rude comments against an organization would not be tolerated. How many have been posted against the Edison police department and their union?"

How is quoting their own words being rude? These articles were not written by those here, but were written by reporters covering the elections or covering meetings.

Jana, "If you quote a source and then link to the source, then that SOURCE is responsible for the content, not us."

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act states "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider". Effectively, this section immunizes ISPs and other service providers from torts committed by users over their systems, even if the provider fails to take action after actual notice"

Take the case here. Do you really think that citizens would be willing to call out the Edison PBA president for his comment using their own name? Do you really think citizens would feel free to criticize a police officer for his racist comments?

I don't know, I thought people were tired of restricted speech under GWB and Obama would bring change. I guess its only speech that you like that should be free.

One other point concerning anonymous postings on this and any other website. Sure, the site owners have a right to deny giving out identification of posters, but they are not forced to not to reveal who the posters are. It is their choice.

I cut and pasted from this article. I figured that most others had read it.


At present, our policy is that slander and libel is not to be tolerated. If you quote a source and then link to the source, then that SOURCE is responsible for the content, not us. However, given the continued contoversy over commenting (and the fact that our internet neighbor Baristanet.com has recnetly CLOSED DOWN their comment section), we will be overhauling our policy to address these issues. Stay tuned.

Is it correct that the present post entries are posted without review? I realize that offensive posts can always be removed at some point, but how much damage could be done prior to that? I think that many of these recent posts serve to support the position that the anonymous posts are the venom of this board. All that would be required would be a user name and password, not your actual name to have access to the posts. This site serves as a source of irreplaceable content and conversation for local activities and news. I am always impressed by our local officials and Metuchen Matters website creators when they post by user name.
Enjoy the weekend!

The comment policy clearly states that rude comments against an organization would not be tolerated. How many have been posted against the Edison police department and their union? Ricigliano won the primary by the vote of the people, not the union chief. A police department that large MAY have a racist officer, but it was reported and is being dealt with, all the one's I know are family people with kids in the schools. Edison police officers make more money, but they can afford to live in the town they work and protect us day and night. The only thug here is the one making these comments, and I am telling you and your advertisers, people from Edison shop here less, much less. By the way, how many Metuchen officers live in Metuchen?

It's OK to repeat information that is part of the public record. I would hope they would delete any posts that violate someone's privacy, wherever they live.

I see the policy must be it that is okay to trash Edison residents by name but we will erase all entries that may impliment Metuchen reisidents. I wonder how many people from Edison may shop in their own stores now.

Give me a break numbskull

Here is the quote

Supporters at Ricigliano's victory party spilled into the strip mall's parking lot. One of them, Edison PBA President Michael Schwarz stood in the bed of a pickup truck cheering, his hands raised in victory. He led the crowd in chants. And he taunted, "You ... with the bull, you get the horns."

And here is the link to the article, its still up


What thugs these union leaders are...

Someone is posting info without proof. It is not right just because you are anonymous and can not be traced that you should not post quotes from an Edison union leader or cops and name their names without evidence. I think this postings should be eliminated. It is liable. At least post a link to what ever "paper" source you are quoting. It can be dangerous to the people named and their families.

there are hundreds of teachers compared to two dozen cops and the teachers are doing pretty well. go on data universe and look at their salaries. there are more teachers making 90 grand than there are cops on the force.

Just read the case of the Edison police officer brought up on internal charges.

Kenney (the officer) told Galinsky (the supervisor) "it disturbed me greatly that you left me alone" at the crash, Rau, the township's attorney said, reading a transcript of the meeting.

"You were derelict in your duties, not only as a sergeant, but as a human being by not trying to save those men," Kenney said, according to the transcript.

He stated this at a muster the next day after this incident: The dispute stems from a fiery July 3 car crash, where Kenney dragged the driver from the vehicle.

Timothy Smith, Kenney's attorney, told the court that Kenney called for help, but Galinsky ignored him, saying "there's dirty ... Indians in the car, and I'm not going in there."

This supervisor shouldn't be on any police force. Merge with Edison? Ha.

Why are we generalizing. The comment about bull & horns came from an Edison Police Officer not Metuchen. I think we have a much better and more professional department than Edison.

Unfortunately the unions have influenced far too many politicians. We would be far better off without unions, of any kind. But I guess unions and politics go together. Dishonesty breeds dishonesty.

Teachers contract is crap compared to cops.

But no doubt they have influence on politics. Fortunately for us, they dont have nearly as strong clamp on local towns as the police do.

Remember, "You F... with the bull, you get the horns!"

Lets not forget the teachers contract, for the Mayor and other Mayor, councilman, councilwoman,spouses on & on. How about teachers union influence on politics.

I heard there is a group in Metuchen that works on trees in Metuchen. Rumor has it they are sponsored by a chain saw company.

Many towns around NJ have a garden club to maintain and improve the landscape. Is there one in Metuchen? I'd love to meet up with anyone who would be interested in 1) cleaning up litter around the town, 2) planting flowers around the trees on Main Street or any other place that can use some beautification, 3) any other neighborhood improvement project that can be accomplished through volunteer labor. I'm a teacher who will be off for the summer, so let me know if you're interested. khreha@gmail.com

Dont mess with the Police or their gold plated contracts

See Jun Choi for further clarification

I have a feeling that this "control" that people talk about is just a codeword for pay and contracts.

Course, it does look like someone needs to control the Edison police. Leaving it up to the chief doesn't look like it worked out all that well over the years.

nothing, which is why the chief of police is in charge of the day to day operations of the police force. the politicans do get to set policy.

Watching over is one thing being an ignorant,arrogant so so is another. What qualifies a politician to be a police officer,or tell them what to do. That is up to the head of the police not some school teacher,lawyer,or housewife. Ego, self serving pols.

and the taxpayers appoint the politicians to watch over those that we are paying

the taxpayers pay them

This evening's downtown Cruise Night has been postponed until next week due to inclement weather.

Different towns have different forms of municipal government and different state laws apply to each of them.

If the police don't want politicians interference, then they should find someone else to pay them.

Then politicians should not interfere with police. Politicians attempt to attain their agendas trying to influence cops and interfere with operations that they have no idea what they are talking about. The Mayor in Edison and a former Mayor of Metuchen, bullied cops and tried to walk all over them. The cops are a strong union and the former Mayor is now gone.

Edison because I live here, but there are a lot of mayors in NJ.

Are you asking about the Metuchen or Edison mayor?

If you live in Edison and don't understand whats going on with the Police and politics then you are not paying attention

Yes Metuchen is represented by PBA Local 60. The local Republicans are running a candidate who is a Lieutenant in the Highland Park police force so the above comment is just a Dem operative making noise. Don't be fooled.

The police union did not influence my vote. Is the Metuchen police force represented by a union?

Yikes, get ready for some more goofy Edison corruption and cops stories

The best is the quote in the paper from Edison PBA Chief Charles Schwartz

While standing in a flatbead truck with a bullhorn he was quoted as saying "You F... with the bull, you get the horns!"

Edison is example number one of what happens when cops get intwined in local politics

Thanks, I will book mark it. Does anyone know who takes over as mayor if the mayor has to step down for any reason.

I've always owned an American car.

Fortunoff is officially closed!!!

2014 this country is going bankrupt?

You sound like a crackpot, sorry

Time changes, get over it or get out of the way

I don’t think Ben Stein wishes this country bad, it is going to pieces on it’s own. It breaks my heart to see GM go under, just fifty years ago it has a fifty percent market share and was the best in the world (think America), now it is a worthless stock. And who is to blame, the CEO that made twenty million dollars a year and still could not come up with one car to compete with
the Accord or Camry? The first thing to go is the pension and medical benefits to the employees, which were way over inflated by maybe kickbacks from the unions to the executives (think Barney Frank). This country could go bankrupt as soon as 2014 and the first thing to go with be SS and Medicare, why treat the people who actually contributed-they had the luxury of a job all along.

Nothing like Ben Stein to wish failure on our country, man this guy is such a jerkoff

If you like to read Ben Stein, this one is a doosey. Warning it can cause night terrors.


Does anybody know why there were rescue vehicles at Moss School yesterday between morning and afternoon classes???

Hi Evelyn, I'll see if I can get a schedule for you - for all.

I saw in a recent Junebug article on here that there is a Metuchen Artist Studio Tour. Where can we get more information?

10:10, Fany the zoning official knows all those answers. You can also look it up online at the Boro web site.

Does anyone know what the regulations are for putting up a fence in your yard? How many inches/ft in from your property line is required?
Is there a limit to the height of the fence?

Voting change - smart move. The superintendent has been trying to get voting moved out of the schools completely. At least this way school will be less disrupted. Hardly anyone votes in the primary anyway.



DISTRICTS 2, 10, 11 & 12

(Campbell School)




Ok, this is unrelated to dog parks, or elections, or property taxes, or tree cutting....but I just wanted to post this.....

and I also just need to say, that if you are coming to our party on Wednesday, May 20, from 7-9 pm (you can drop in whenever you want), whether to sell gold, sample refreshments, see what Family Friends is all about (if you know people with very young children), or look at some of the really neat photographs, handmade jewelry, soaps, and other great items for sale, that you probably would do best not to attempt to park in the parking lot the Old Franklin Schoolhouse shares with the Masonic Lodge next door, it might be a tad crowded (due to an unexpected Masons event next door). You can park in Borough Hall across the street or Rt 27 or Main Street and walk around the corner....thanks......

It's not the invasion of Normandy, it's just a simple fact. You can't do anything on the county's property without county appoval. For county approval you need freeholder approval. If you want them to consider a dog park on county property the place to go is a freeholder meeting, not a blog.

The same thing happens to me. I can't watch our local channel 15 most of the time. I just sent a note to Mayor Vahalla and asked that he pass it along to the Cable Advisory Committee. Will let you know if I hear anything.

Does anyone know what the problem is with Metuchen TV and the loss of signal which breaks progamming on an all to frequent a basis. Yes, I could ask them but better for all to hear it so we all know. Or is it just my cable box?

Wow...you think they were planning the invasion of Normandy they way these people talk about the Greenway and a Dog Park. A fence and woodchips for the dog park and crushed stone or asphalt for the Greenway. I'm starting to think some people love to hear themselves talk and like to see their names on boards or committes than actually getting anything done.

I don't see how a dog park would help the greenway but if you do then go to a freeholder meeting and present the idea. I look forward to watching you on channel 15.

I would have no problem paying some sort of fee to use a dog park in town. I think there is one in Princeton that does but I haven't had the chance to check it out.

I think the woodbridge dog park was completed quickly. I'll have to look into it. It's possible the start up cost could be picked up by dog related businesses in trade for naming rights and ad space. Pet related fairs and functions are usually well attended and could offset the cost of maintance of the park. There's no reason that the open space cannot be shared. A shared dog park/greenwaypark would help both projects.

A lot of people, local volunteers as well as county parks and engineering employees, have been working very hard to make the Greenway a reality. The project involves the county, three towns, and numerous other entities, including NJDOT, Amtrak, PSE&G and the NJ Turnpike authority. You think that is going to move quickly? Most of the engineering has been done, but they are still working out all the legal details.

The county counsel has been working on getting rid of encroachments - people who own property along the right of way who have been using some of the right of way as if it was their own. A commercial property owner in Edison had a gravel parking lot, was told it encroached on the ROW and was told to make its lot smaller. Instead they paved and curbed the whole thing and the county may have to sue them. There are property owners who have their property draining into the ROW when it should be draining into the storm sewer system in their town. These people make the mud problem worse than it should be. There are property owners who dump garbage and yard waste onto the ROW. These people are just pigs.

Most recently an issue has arisen with the NJDOT and the Rt. 27/Lake Ave bridge over the Greenway. The state wants to fill it in and level it off, with the Greenway going through a small tunnel. The Metuchen Police and the county do not like that idea.

So go to a freeholders meeting and suggest it. The county owns the property and the town can't do anything with it without the county's consent. Let's see, You've been so slow at getting the greenway project going, how about starting fresh with a dog park? That should go over well.

The pool charges residents to use the pool.

The AKC supports dog parks and they suggest that the park is paid for and supported by its users.

What's left??? What does it matter?
Please don't say the "mud trail park", man will land on Mars before anything happens with that project.The space isn't being used for anything now, why not put it to use. A dog park would be nice for the town.

The more those eagle babies grow, the smaller the parents seem.

Not true unless you consider half "a fraction." The county plot is only about two and a half acres and the advice I've seen says you need at least an acre for a dog park - better to have two acres - one acre for small dogs and one for large dogs. Take away half an acre for parking and what's left?

A dog park is not going to stop people from walking their dogs past our houses and letting them pee and poo on our property. A small minority of dog owners will use the dog park.

Edison is proposing one on Whitman Ave adjacent to Metuchen. People can go there.

Middlesex Count open space would be a fine place. It would only take up a fraction of the space.

There are straight up dog haters on this site
You don't want your taxes paying for a dog park? this is a community where we all pay for things we don't want. You may have a kid, but do you think people who don't have kids want to pay taxes? Reality is if they have half a head they don't mind because it benefits the community. People don't want dogs going on their lawns or the right of way greens along the side walks or in the parks so a dog park would be a perfect solution. It would give dog owners, which there are a lot of, a place to allow their dogs to go. Show some decency.

please someone open a greek style restaurant where the duchess diner once stood. Pithari Tavena in highland park had a line out the door. i hate to see our landmark just rot away........

not sure if this is the right place for this type of thing...can anyone recommend a DJ for a communion party?


Oh my, those babies got huge!!

Feeding time at the eagle nest - looks like sushi.

I was just reminded of them last night when there was an eagle show on PBS. Caught a glimpse of them in the twilight. I'm rooting for number three. He or she is still hanging in there, but is definitely smaller than the other two. If you check out the report from last year on the Duke Farms web site, there were several eagle families that raised three chicks last year.

The show about eagles had an eagle cam setup as well. An eagle mom had died while out hunting and the dad had to abandon the eggs that year, but he still guarded the nest and the next spring got a new mate - a first time mom. She had some learning to do. One day in a strong wind she made the mistake of having her tail facing the wind and got blown off her eggs. Quite a sight.

anyone see the baby eagles lately?? They are getting so big!!

I have a family full of educators and the answer I got to that same question when I was looking was "it should help your child fall in love with school." So, all of your above are important, but your child should feel welcomed, appreciated, valued.

What do you look for in a preschool? Academics? Socialization? Babysitting?

Hi. i am a professional gardener and permaculturist -- and have been intending to share what i know locally -- particularly at the high school.

i would be happy to help you -- invite you to my own garden on Christol St., as well as help at the high school itself. i have experience but no tools to offer.

www.natureworks-nj.net is one of my websites.

please respond to me via the email address listed there -- thank you.

good luck.


Rutgers uses volunteers to plant trees along streets in Newark.

Rutgers, NJ Tree Foundation, City of Newark, and Volunteers Will Expand “Tree Canopy” On Campus April 4
30 Parolees Also Will Aid in Effort to Plant 51 Trees on April 4
April 02, 2009

WHO: The Physical Plant Department at Rutgers University in Newark, the Rutgers community, the New Jersey Tree Foundation and the New Jersey State Parole Board will provide helpers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty -- as well as 51 flowering and shade trees -- to help restore tree canopies along Bleeker and Warren streets and Central Avenue, on the Newark campus. Sal Palatucci, supervisor of grounds for Rutgers in Newark, initiated the community planting program on the campus last year through the Tree Foundation’s Newark Renaissance Trees program, planting about 75 trees on campus streets.

WHEN: Saturday, April 4, 2009, from 9 a.m. until about noon.

WHAT: A project through the Newark Renaissance Trees program aimed at restoring the “tree canopy” throughout Newark. The task: plant 51 trees donated by the program to extend a ‘tree canopy” along the city streets that run through Rutgers University in Newark. A total of about 85 “gardeners,” including 30 parolees and nine Physical Plant employees, will plant purple leaf plum trees, Japanese tree lilacs, ginkgos, London Planetrees, and Rutgers cultivar pink flowering dogwoods. Rutgers Physical Plant will then be responsible for caring for the trees.

WHERE: The volunteers will assemble at 9 a.m. in front of Rutgers’ Stonsby Commons, 91 Bleeker St. (between University Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.) They will receive gloves, tools and water, watch a planting demonstration, then spread out along Bleeker and Warren streets and Central Avenue.

BACKGROUND: The New Jersey Tree Foundation -- a statewide, non-profit organization --regularly partners with organizations across the state for tree-plantings and educational events to promote community forestry programs (Information: www.newjerseytreefoundation.org .) The Newark Renaissance Trees Program is a community tree adoption program that encourages stewardship and healthier living to all residents, community groups, and schools in Newark.


Thanks Allison. Good to know.

Some chains do have allergen ingredient guides on their websites. Friendly's does, as does Wendy's.

Looking forward to seeing that swim suit!

I just need to plug Wild Rice restaurant for a second - there is an article about it in this week's Sentinel.
People with peanut and tree nut allergies are generally advised to stay away from Asian-themed restaurants because of the high possibility of cross contamination. Being allergic to multiple foods, my son generally does not eat at any restaurant, but he can at Wild Rice. They don't cook in peanut oil, and Beth the owner cooks him a safe meal that he loves. We've eaten there twice in the past 2 weeks since we discovered this and we'll probably be there again this weekend. And if you have celiac, she also notes on the menu what is gluten free or can be made gluten free. Just one of the benefits of eating at a local, chef-owned restaurant rather than a big chain!

Damn...i just bought a swim cap and matching 1920's swim suit

They should have publicized that before the April 15 discount deadline.

It's true. Just confirmed with the pool commission: No swim caps required this season.

Good news - heard the pool is eliminating the swim cap rule this year.

I'm so glad your as "psyched" about The Forum Theatre as so many residents seem to be.
Thanks for your support! I hope you can join us on May 14th at 7PM for our town hall meeting about The Forum as well as the revitalization of the downtown district

When does the Club meet? Please post your email so we can contact you. We have some tools from my parents house. They may be old but they still function. We also have gardening expertise.

I'm a teacher at Metuchen High School and another teacher and myself started the Metuchen High School Garden Club. We want to start a vegetable and flower garden in the courtyard. We have the space but we have no money, tools or experience (we are pretty clueless). Can anyone give us any suggestions/guidence? Also, if you have any old garden tools (spades, shovels, wheel barrow, etc) that you can donate, we will happily accept them! So far, we've dug out a square in the courtyard where the garden will go, and have some plants growing in the greenhouse (I don't think they'll make it to planting though...)

We had a great garage sale on Saturday. Great weather. Wish we didn't have to run to the parade and a baseball game in-between. Good thing we have friends doing the sale with us to watch our stuff.

Did you check out the locksmith? I've seen a sign in the window there "Knifes Sharpened." Not sure about tools though. Gardening? I have to start! :)

A new topic, need to find a good tool and knife sharpener? All recommendations welcomed!

If you kid participates in after school activities they can use it. It's better than nothing, don't you think?

The commuter bus does not run in the afternoon when the HS lets out. It is an option for getting there, but not for getting back.

From what I hear, the Borough Administration is opposed to running it in the afternoon when the kids could use it to get home.

If your HS kid lives over by the pool they should use the commuter bus. There is a stop at High and Lake. Take it to the stop at Norris and Irving. Then they only have to walk a few blocks to MHS.

Bottom line is those in charge don't care if they inconvenience *just a few parents*.

When you talk about the cutting the buses and parents brings up concerns about getting their kids to school on time, (or picking them up on time) they tell you to car pool.
That is not always an option for every parent out there.

And if the district does away with busing then the district should be sure that if a parent has a child in each school then the parent should be able to drop off and pick up each child on a timely manner. Not be told to make the child wait or tell the parent their HS student can walk.
Many forget that there are families that live 2 miles from the HS and walking is not always an option.

You would think they would have done that anyway.

Tonight is the Campbell school open house and the HS Arts festival. What was going on at either school yesterday that they could not have held one of these events yesterday?
A big district like Edison or Woodbridge, one can see how school funtions may overlap. There is no excuse for this to happen here with only 4 schools.
It doesn't matter of it only affects *just a few* it shouldn't affect anyone. Not when it could be avoided if those in charge really cared.

When we had a child at Campbell and a child entering Moss, I spoke with the Moss principal about the overlapping dismissal times. He said that if we got the afternoon slot, my child could just go sit in the office every afternoon until I could get there. He didn't think it would be that big a deal, but I thought it sounded very tough on the kids in that situation. Nobody likes to be different, especially if you are five years old. And it would be hard to understand why he/she had the only parent who could never get to pickup on time. It's not the Spanish Inquisition, but still . . .

"There is a similar issue with the dismissal times for afternoon kindergarten and Campbell being so close together, but it affects so few people each year they haven't changed it."

I would guess that parents who have to deal with this issue do not realize the severity of the time crunch until it is upon them, and then it is too late to do anything about it, even if everyone in the same spot that year raised a stink. If it is a recurring problem every year, isn't this the kind of thing the district should take care of?

Kindergartners and those in the lower grades of Campbell are not capable of (or parents don't want them to be) dismissed on their own. Can't older students at Edgar and HS have dismissal times in between Moss and Campbell to give parents and caregivers time to get across town?

Just because the schedule has been set like this for a long time doesn't mean it can't and shouldn't be changed if there's a good reason.

Metuchen Matters:

Thank you for all of your volunteer efforts to keep this blog going. It's been a while since I have had an opportunity to log on -- I'm psyched about the Forum Theater information! When we moved here four years ago it was one of the things that made us pick this town!

Couple of questions/suggestions. Can this section be sorted so that the most recent comments are on top? (Maybe that's just a preference thing!)


Can people who want to write such negative things be required to use their names....honestly, if you care enough to be that negative about something....then own it.

Again, thanks for keeping us up to date! I'm sure it's WAY more work than anyone realizes.

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, but is there anyone out there that would be looking to sell their bike trailer for kids? I have an almost 3 year old that is in between the baby seat (over 40 pounds - cannot use anymore) and his own bicycle and we love to bike ride.

I would love to look Saturday at the town wide garage sale, but we have the baseball parade in town and then games in the afternoon.


The nj.com archive is not forever. On a really busy forum it can be only two weeks or a month. The Metuchen forum does go back a few months. In some really dead forums, it can be years. We don't yet know how long these posts will last.

The NJ.com posts stay on the site for a long time, too--in fact, they're archived--haven't you noticed the numbers under the front page of comments. They go on and on and on. At least on this board, the people who run it will a) take the comments down and b) come on and reiterate their policy to remind the nasty folks that they can and will get blocked if they continue personal attacks against other commenters. I feel safer here.

One good thing about nj.com is that sooner or later, the posts fall off the board. The busier the forum, the shorter the life of the posts. Here it seems that if someone insults you, and the owners decide to leave it, it will be there forever.

True. But you can read so much here and never read one word of the name-calling. Angry people, like leaking water, will find a way in but give me the site with balance and by-lines any day.

The rumor being discussed is alleging that she did not vote in school board elections, but said that she did, not about her being a teacher.

This site is not immune from name-calling.

Thanks for saving me time, I'll stick with this site. I prefer the artful banter.

If you enjoy unintelligible and less-than-artful banter that often turns into a verbal mud-throwing competition, enjoy! If you don't like calling people who you barely know ugly names, then you might not want to waste your time at nj.com

the rumor about one of the BOE candidates being a teacher isn't a rumor--she didn't lie, she told the truth, and she is well within her rights as a citizen to run. Teachers are allowed to run.

The eagle babies are much more interesting than the BOE election.

Good point, she wasn't getting my vote any way. Didn't make any sense at the debate. Kohl, Brennan and Frowenfeld have earned it.

So far that is just a rumor, right? The poster did not state they checked with the county clerk themselves to confirm the rumor. They said they have a "source." If it matters to you, you can file the form with the county and find out for sure. I'm curious, but not curious enough to request the info, as it will not affect my vote.

what's the link? I can't find it.

Everyone see the noise over on NJ.com? Seems one of the Board of Ed candidates may not have been so truthful in the debate. Don't think she'll be taking out any ad space here on MetuchenMatters.com

Maybe there just aren't enough parents who have the problem.

There is a similar issue with the dismissal times for afternoon kindergarten and Campbell being so close together, but it affects so few people each year they haven't changed it.

*This issue has been raised by parents on numerous occasions but apparently the district is not interested in resolving the problem.*

That is very sad....

MEF is a private organization and has no control over the dates chosen by the schools for school events. They just publish the information given to them by each school.

This issue has been raised by parents on numerous occasions but apparently the district is not interested in resolving the problem.

I have that calendar in front of me. Yes it does list both events. It still doesn't answer my question as to WHY they both have to be on the same night.
Since both of these events are on the calendar, it means they were decided on say last July or August as they were preparing the calendar for publishing.
Someone had to proofread this and no one could say...hey lets not hold two important events on the same night!

I do realize this only effects those with a campbell school student and a HS art student, but it is very frustrating.

During the HS referendum, some businesses downtown would not put up Vote Yes signs in their windows, but others had no problem doing so. It is up to the owners of the site to decide, just as the owners of the Crit decided that they will take political ads, first come first served.

The only problem I see is the state election laws require the name and address of the committee, and one ad is missing the committee's address.

Last time I asked the super said each school scheduled its own events, so there was bound to be some overlap. I also asked why there was no district wide calendar kept, with all events from each school consolidated into one place, and she said the only one was the MEF calendar.

Lots of people dislike lawn signs.

Great question. We've passed it along it to the district administrators and will let you know what we hear.

Can I ask why in our tiny school district we need to schedule two important school events on the same night?

I am talking about the CAMPBELL SCHOOL SCIENCE FAIR which is this Thursday and the High School

They did this last year also. Do we really need need to have them both on the same day?

It really makes it hard for parents to support both of their children equally when it means leaving one early to race to the other one late!

Exactly. Good for everyone.

I'm thinking anyone can buy an ad. I'm happy to be able to read up on the platform. Can't understand the few commenters who seem to think they are entitled to dictate how the site is run, what get published. Arrogance!I love it when the sane majority responds to the kooks. MAkes me think my town has a chance!

And to the candidates who paid for an advertisement: Kudos! Looks like people have been reading them!

Missed the point again. Ummmm, ahhhh.

Um. This blog is a business, not some pro bono service by independently wealthy do-gooders. If someone is willing to pay for a legitimate ad, I would advise Metuchen Matters to take it. When candidates advertise in the Crit are you upset? Lawn signs bug you? I think it is fantastic that the candidates have a Metuchen-specific place to advertise. Go Metuchen Matters - bring in some cash so you can keep doing what you are doing.

I cannot believe the point was missed. Metuchen Matters is not network television, it is a blog about things that matter to Metuchen. Showing ads for election candidates is not information, interviewing each of the candidates and letting us know how they think on certain issues is. I look forward to CQE's take on the candidates and who they are endorsing. As I said before, my personal opinion is that the only one worth re-electing is Ms. Frowenfeld. Polling questions is appropriate as it is information that we will be getting once the questions are answered. An ad is not the same as information. As always, it comes down to the person who has the most money.

When we were there a couple weeks ago there were several piles of construction debris and other garbage before you got to the trestle. Has that been cleaned up? If so, our thanks to whoever did it.

on friday evening entered the greenway (or not yet part of the greenway) through liberty, walked under the trestle up past the pond behind st. joe's

very calm and neat, lovely pictures even though it was a cloudy day...

saw a pair of guys walking around having a chat, other than that--nothing.

walked around the pond and showed my toddler how to skip stones

the area around the pond is certainly getting a lot of use--many recent cans of beer dumped in various piles,not nice, guess the teenagers don't follow the carry in-carry out rules when drinking in the woods... expected though.

looked for a path through the swamp, but could not find one before it got dark.
expect to walk the other way (towards rt1) next weekend

So when a candidate in a national election runs an on network television, the network is "by all accounts 'endorsing'" that candidate? The ads here say they are paid for by the candidates. How is this different?

Also, can you not understand what "VOTE YES SCHOOL BUDGET" means? It's clear as written, especially considering the space restriction.

A few weeks ago the site polled us for questions we'd like to ask the candidates. I'm assuming we'll be seeing a followup soon with answers from the candidates.

What's with the board of education (BOE) candidates advertising on the home page? I did not think this was a political site but an information site. It is made even worse by the fact that you are by all accounts "endorsing" two candidates that will do nothing for the schools. I went to the "Meet the Candidates" night, Eileen Frowenfeld was the only candidate that was good. All of them need to think outside the box which none of them are doing. We have serious problems with the schools, and listening, especially to the two new candidates, I felt that they hadn't got a clue and that it was a joke to them. No preparation, so many umms and ahhs (my personal pet peeve of people speaking). It would be different if the other candidates were listed, but I do not see them anywhere. What does it say to us when Fran Brennan writes on her ad "Vote Yes School Budget?" Shouldn't it say "Vote Yes for the School Budget?" or at least have a "-" between the "yes" and "School Budget" to show that words are missing. Anyway, unless you are having ads for all the BOE candidates, please do not allow BOE candidates or for that matter, Council candidates when they start their campaigning, to advertise, I personally don't think it is appropriate. Giving us information about what they would like to do, totally appropriate, but advertising, I think not.

Thanks for this - it looks like it is from last year since June 14th is a Sunday. However, this gives me an idea of when to start looking out for it.

Have a great weekend

Here's the web page from the state, not sure if these are this year's dates or last year's.


Last summer while we were house hunting I noticed that there was a farmer's market on New St. Will they be back again this year? If so, does anyone know when they will start again and their hours?


The part of the railroad right-of-way by St Joe's is not officially the greenway yet, so there are no official maps. But Google maps still shows the old RR. You can get to the ROW without trespassing on St. Joe's from Liberty Street or Durham Ave or Middlesex Ave in Metuchen, or by taking Nevsky St. off Park Ave in Edison, continue along where it changes to Delancey, then turn left on New York Blvd. Eventually you'll come to Tyler Road, near the Edison Wetlands Triple-C Ranch.

Going down Nevsky used to be the way to surprise your friends parked at the trestle by coming in from the other direction. Was very bad for your car's suspension, though.

Back left corner of the fields

can also enter by the Krauzers near DPW

Is there any place to enter the greenway by st joe's? Or any type of maps?

Now that they have computers in every patrol car they shouldn't have to list the street at all - they could just plug in the number of your sticker and the computer could tell them the street you live on.

On Thursday evening May 14th at 7PM The Forum Theatre will host a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the future plans for The Forum and it's impact on local businesses in the downtown district, both north and south Main Street.
We are looking for a core of volunteers to assist us in helping us save this historical jewel. Everything from carpentry, landscaping, painting, carpeting to general repairs and refurbishing the marquee.
Anyone interested in helping to bring independent and foreign films as well as children's theatre and concerts back to Metuchen should attend. We would like to hear from everyone.
Let's bring the arts back to Metuchen!
For further info please contact karin@forumtheatreartscenter.com
and visit our website at forumtheatreartscenter.com
We hope to see you at the theatre.

There are railbed rocks in many places. But the main problem is the mud.

Is it possible to run on the greenway or is too rocky? I'm wonder if setting up a fund raiser trail run would be possible?

This is an area where citizens can help out.

DPW barely has enough employees to maintain our active recreation areas, let alone the passive areas like the Dismal Swamp trail and Centennial Park. Both areas do have trails, but they have become overgrown, and in some cases trees have fallen across the trails. One cleanup day a year for two hours around Earth Day is just not enough.

Get a group of your neighbors together and clear the pathways. Pile the branches up by the entrance and give DPW a call or an email. They will come and pick them up. If a large tree has fallen across the path, tell them where it is and they will eventually come and remove it.

When I was a kid we used to go back there all the time, there were paths all over the place.

Took my kids back there recently, went into the woods through the park by Durham Woods development and could find a single path, I guess kids dont go back there any more.

Used to be trails all over, now I guess parents don't let the kids wander the woods. Beautiful back there.

we live off of Durham Ave near the swamp and we had a wild turkey roaming the neighborhood yesterday.
I wish there were better paths to walk back by the swamp. My kids love going back there.

The pond behind St. Joe's is pretty cool, very bucolic. My kids couldn't believe it was part of Metuchen when we took them there. Someone has even put some fish in it.

I think they would be happy if they were not disturbed by leaf blowers and other loud equipment from 7 am until 10 pm.

Doesn't seem fair that there are restrictions on playing musical instruments during the day but not on loud air-polluting lawn care equipment?

Have you ever seen some of these lawn service crews? Four to six guys, each with their own leaf blower, all going at once on a 50 x 100 lot - seems like overkill.

It is ironic that the part the county doesn't own yet - north of Middlesex - is the most accessible, widest and driest part.

You can enter by the A&P/Wallgreens along Pierson on one end. You'll see a gate across the gravel wrong, open on the side. Good stretch into town there, then as it get near the cemetary and closer to Main Street bridge it gets deaeper and a little wetter, and then over to Rt27 bridge its cool, cut into nive valley but more garbage thrown into it. Then nice little stretch between 27 bridge and Middlesex ave, path bends to the right. All along there is a stream along the trail so keep an eye out for frogs, almost ran one over once. Thought it was a rock, scared the heck out of me when it jumped.

Then you come out by where the trailhead will be, just past the hardware store and those three boarded up houses. Here you can exit/enter or continue accross Middlesex. Would be great if eventually they put a bridge across, could use those beautiful old ramparts that are there, they look solid.

Then the stretch between Middlesex and Durham ave is pretty wide open, saw some deer there last time. And if you cross over Durham by Vidas/gulton, there is another long stretch that takes you back behind St Joes. There is a pond back there. And you start heading into the Dismal Swamp. Then you can keep going into South Plainfied, comes out by the Sherban Diner, but I usually don't head down that far.

What are the best parts of the greenway and where can I enter it. Any tips on where to go?

geez.... is there anything that would make these folks happpy?

Funny, just drove by with my daughter who announced she hated the new awning because it didn't go well with the brick building.

I like the new awning/sign the Variety Village is putting up today. Makes the building look more "finished." Now if only the storefronts next door didn't look like a fire or tornado just swept through!

That their dogs are a fashion accessory?

replying to the dog owners who bring them to the fair. How about the nuts who bring their dogs out on New Year's Eve to see the fireworks? I'm not an animal lover, but I can see they're scared to death and shaking. What are you people thinking?

To those who are organizing the dinners for Emily's family - do you need any additional volunteers? If so, who can we contact? Thank you.

Hi there -
Not sure if this is possible but would it be possible for you to list summer camp info for the little kiddies? maybe orgs in the area could post their offerings on your blog?

just an idea - I don't want to miss any summer happenings that are coming are way!

thanks for all that you do! I really appreciated the information about Emily. I have heard stuff around town and wanted to do something - now I know how thanks to your blog!

When our family first moved to a neighborhood near the train station and had to get parking permits, I objected because the permits list not only the name of your town but the street you live on! With two daughters, I had concerns. After a lot of give and take (then-Mayor O'Brien told me the town's policy is "We'll deal with it when it becomes a stalking issue") the mayor and police chief agreed the stickers would just say M and only use the first two letters of your street.

I've since moved to a different neighborhood and no longer need a sticker, but I just heard from a friend that they're back at it, using stickers that list your full street and full town name. They might as well ask us to affix photos of our children's faces while they're at it! Dumb, dumb, dumb! An open invitation to predators saying, "come find me!"

I heard from my Campbell School student that Mr. G is retiring. Any thoughts on who will replace him?

They could ditch the lawn service but doubt they'll pick up a rake - they'll get their own leaf blower. One neighbor breaks out the leaf blower for three or four leaves. Don't think he'd know a rake if he tripped over one.

True, but it is probably easier to get the noise law enforced than the immigration law.

If they break the law in terms of labor, why would they care about breaking the law that keeps you from sleeping in?

The owners can complain all they want but their business should not affect the quality of life of homeowners in this town. I'm sure that they could alter their schedule and start in surrounding towns first to abide by a new law. Considering that there's a very good chance that some of these businesses are breaking the law in term of labor, they shouldn't make a big stink.

The lawn service business owners will complain that they are a seasonal business with only so much time to make a living and should be allowed to work dawn to dusk. Can only make hay while the sun shines, as it were. Take a look at the owner of DCR's house, and you can see how he is struggling to make ends meet.

I would like to see something along the lines of
8am-6pm for the lawn service. Maybe some people will decide that is one of the items to cut back on this year and pick up a rake.

Why not report the lawn guy for blowing leaves and grass into the street. That's a violation of a borough ordinance and contributes to the clogging of our storm sewers.

Lawn services are a dime a dozen. She can easily get a new one. Some of them like to dump customers and get new ones every few years anyway.

Woodwild is a relatively open wooded area with little underbrush and houses all around. Don't see how kids could be going in there without someone noticing. Many people walk their dogs there.

Exactly. We try to eat dinner outside and its terrible. Loud and annoying lawn equipment. And someone on a side street near me must have some wood working business in the garage, saws and power tools all day long all summer long.

My neighbors lawn service blows the leaves and grass onto the street and sidewalk in front of everyone elses house. She's a nice older lady who has someone do it for good price so i don't want to give her a hard time but the lawn guy is a jerk.

Thansk for tips on exploring the other side, may have to take a ride there.

But really pumped to cruise across the bridge, looks fantastic.

And there are plenty of dry sections on the greenway, but my kid likes it when it is wet and muddy, gets covered with mud. But a little tougher on the legs. The stretch from near Boro hardware to over by Gulton is usually bode dry and hard as a rock. Other areas are wet.

Really great down there, feel like you have your own private trail

Hope all naysayers about this project will stay home....

The council would have to amend the ordinance. Get a bunch of people together and go to a council meeting.

Those lawn services crack me up - six guys with leaf blowers blow leaves from the front yard of a 50 X 150 property all the way to the back yard.

If all your neighbors have lawn services that come on different days at different times, there is no relief. Then you have the problem my cousin had. Every time she had people over for a barbecue, her neighbor would decide to mow his lawn or saw logs.

Wow,7am-10pm for lawn equipment ? That needs to be changed. How can someone get that amended to something more reasonable ?

Here's a stupid feature of the noise ordinance. You can't play a musical instrument above a certain decibel level during the day between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. , but during that same time period, power tools, leaf blowers, etc. have no restrictions.

So your neighbor can operate their table saw or leaf blower all day long until 10:00 at night, even if it exceeds 65dB, but their kid can't play the drums during the day at the same decibel level. Where is the logic in that?

B. The following acts, and the causing thereof, are declared to be in violation of this chapter.

(2) Sound production systems. Operating, playing or permitting the operation or playing of any drum, musical instrument, sound amplifier or similar device that produces sound:

(a) Between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. the following day in such a manner as to exceed a maximum sound level of dBA measured at residential real property boundary.

(b) Between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. in such a manner as to exceed a maximum sound level of 65 dBA measured at a residential real property boundary.

(13) Domestic power tools. Operating or permitting the operation of any mechanically powered saw, drill, sander, grinder, lawn or garden tool or similar device used outdoors in residential areas between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. the following day so as to cause a noise disturbance across a residential real property boundary.

(14) The operation of a snowblower is permitted any time within a twenty-four-hour period immediately after a snowstorm. Thereafter, the operation of a snowblower is not permitted in residential areas between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. the following day so as to cause a noise disturbance across a residential real property boundary.

Just call INS, that should put a end to the lawn blowers.

The Borough Noise Ordinance is Chapter 222 of the Borough Code. Go to the Boro web site,


Place your cursor over Government on the left, then click on Borough Code book. Scroll down to chapter 222, Noise.

Seems gargage trucks can start at 6:30 a.m., construction can start at 7 a.m, and you can operate power tools and lawn equipment from 7 a.m. up until 10:00 p.m. So, unfortunately, those annoying late lawn service guys will continue to disrupt your summer evenings unless the council amends the ordinance.

Why wait until the bridge is finished to explore the other end of the Greenway?

You can do it now if you ride down Amboy Ave and after Route 1 make a right on Barton, right on Wagner, left on Starkin and go to the end. You can also go right on Barton, Hoover or Coolidge, left on Wagner, then right on Jackson.

Go to their meeting, it's tonight.

March 26, 2009
Thursday Middlesex Greenway Coalition Meeting: 7:00 pm
Clara Barton Library
(Pleasant & Hoover Ave., Edison, NJ 08837)

Saw the Edison Planner quoted somewhere as saying the Greenway would be done in 2009.

Since it's been dry? When was the Greenway ever dry? Rode over Kahn's crossing the other day and looked down and it was VERY WET. The driest most accessible part is the part the county doesn't own yet, north of Midlesex Ave.

Does that ordinance apply to DPW vehicles picking up trash and recycling? That is often before 7:30.

And what about a time in the afternoon/evening when they have to stop? That's more annoying to me! Our neighbors have their lawn done by a company that is often there at 7:30 on summer nights.

I think it's 730.It stinks. I work nights and I get woken up all the time by a army of leaf blowers.

Is there an ordinance that specifies the time in the morning when people can begin using loud outdoor machines such as leaf blowers and lawn mowers?

heres the link


also, check out the bridge over router 1, looks great. Since its been so dry has been great for riding down there, little bummpy in some spots.

Totally pumped to ride over that bridge and see whats down the other end (going into edison/woodbridge) wherever that goes

What is the status of the Greenway? Has there been any work done on it? I have been hearing about it for years and have not seen or heard about any improvement. Where can I find any info on the open space becoming a trailhead park?

Went for a walk in Woodwild recently. Very nice woods. Saw very little litter. The Park Association keeps it cleaned up.

The places I see piles of beer cans and bottles are the patch of woods between Centenary church and the railroad, and along the Greenway.

That "open space" is to be a trailhead park for the Greenway and is owned by Middlesex County.

what about the large "open space" after 27 turns by the diner?

Maybe we can put a dog park in Woodwild Park?

Nothing going on in there but teens drinking and smoking reefer

Course would need to clean up the broken glass and cans

Where are we going to find the land for a dog park. If the ASPCA recommends an acre of land, plus separate ones for large and small dogs, that would mean two acres.

Thanks you to the poster who posted the info on the dog park in highland park. I have been there and it's nice but at least a 15-20 ride down rt 27.
I agree that the fair is no place for dogs, that is why I keep mine at home.
I don't think it's a big deal to ask for a dog park. Some fencing and woodchips shouldn't be that expensive compared to the money we throw into our underachieving school system. For the amount of taxes I pay someone should come to my house and walk my dog for me.

Thanks you to the poster who posted the info on the dog park in highland park. I have been there and it's nice but at least a 15-20 ride down rt 27.
I agree that the fair is no place for dogs, that is why I keep my at home.
I don't think it's a big deal to ask for a dog park. Some fencing and woodchips shouldn't be that expensive compared to the money we throw into our underachieving school system. For the amount of taxes I pay someone should come to my house and walk my dog for me.

My dog might not pay for my social security but he's not going to collect welfare either.

I know people who damaged their snow blowers sucking up those things. Plus if you're on vacation you have to ask your neighbor to pick them up. You can stop the mail but you can't stop the litter.

Strength in numbers? Everyone take a few minutes to call the Star Ledger advertisng department and complain.

Wayne Wedgeworth – Director of Retail Advertising &
Direct Marketing
973-392-4150 wwedgeworth@starledger.com

Milltown also has one with an allowable ten feet from the front entrance drop zone. Their form says to stop it competely you have to contact the publication directly. Of course, we know that doesn't work!!


Woodbridge has a "do not drop" ordinance, but they are still allowed to deliver the stupid things, as long as they get it within ten feet of your front door. Someone must have threatened a first amendment lawsuit.


Thanks Anonymous for the Reply.

Should one then file a complaint with the town in order to fine them? If so, that is only for our own private property and doesn't really fix the issue of townwide distribution.

I believe the Borough should prevent them as a ordinance violation (instead of individual property owners requesting it) from using this method once and for all (they could, instead, send it like the Crit or Sentinel via postal mail.)

Besides the aesthetic and safety issues of a wet plastic bag on my sidewalk, that someone could potentially slip on, sometimes these plastic-wrapped papers that are left curbside get swept into gutters by rain and then caught in the drainage/sewers.

Thanks again for the detailed 'violation of Borough Ordinance' information. I will pass by Borough hall and request more information on how to proceed.

I think those things are put out by the Star Ledger. Have you called them? I call and they stop for a few weeks, but they must have high "tosser" turnover, because they always appear again.

Better question: does anyone actually read them? I only hear complaints about them. I too have requested several times that they not deliver them. It would work for awhile and then they would start up again. Technically, if you have asked them to stop, and they continue, they are littering, in violation of Borough Ordinance §118-14.D. and/or E., below.

Some towns keep a "do not drop list" of residents that don't want this stuff.

§ 118-1. Title.

This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the "Metuchen Anti-Litter Ordinance."

§ 118-2. Definitions. [Amended 7-20-1970 by Ord. No. 70-25]
COMMERCIAL HANDBILL -- Any printed or written matter, any sample or device, dodger, circular, leaflet, pamphlet, paper, booklet or any other printed or otherwise reproduced original or copies of any matter of literature:

A. Which advertises for sale any merchandise, product, commodity or thing; or

B. Which directs attention to any business or mercantile or commercial establishment, or other activity, for the purpose of either directly or indirectly promoting the interest thereof by sales; or

C. Which directs attention to or advertises any meeting, theatrical performance, exhibition or event of any kind for which an admission fee is charged for the purpose of private gain or profit, but the terms of this clause shall not apply where an admission fee is charged or a collection is taken up for the purpose of defraying the expenses incident to such meeting, theatrical performance, exhibition or event of any kind when either of the same is held, given or takes place in connection with the dissemination of information which is not restricted under the ordinary rules of decency, good morals, public peace, safety and good order, provided that nothing contained in this clause shall be deemed to authorize the holding, giving or taking place of any meeting, theatrical performance, exhibition or event of any kind without a license, where such license is or may be required by any law of this state or under any provision of this Code or other ordinance of the borough; or

D. Which, while containing reading matter other than advertising matter, is predominantly and essential an advertisement and is distributed or circulated for advertising purposes or for the private benefit and gain of any person so engaged as advertiser or distributor.

§ 118-11. Occupied private property.

No person shall throw or deposit litter on any occupied private property within the borough, whether owned by such person or not, except that the owner or person in control of private property may maintain authorized private receptacles for collection in such a manner that litter will be prevented from being carried or deposited by the elements upon any street, sidewalk or other public place or upon any private property.

§ 118-12. Duty of property owners.

The owner or person in control of any private property shall at all times maintain the premises free of litter; provided, however, that this section shall not prohibit the storage of litter in authorized private receptacles for collection.

§ 118-14. Handbills.

A. No person shall throw or deposit any commercial or noncommercial handbill in or upon any sidewalk, street or other public place within the borough, nor shall any person hand out or distribute or sell any commercial handbill in any public places; provided, however, that it shall not be unlawful on any sidewalk, street or other public place within the borough for any person to hand out or distribute, without charge to the receiver thereof, any noncommercial handbill to any person willing to accept it.

B. No person shall throw or deposit any commercial or noncommercial handbill in or upon any vehicle; provided, however, that it shall not be unlawful in any public place for a person to hand out or distribute, without charge to the receiver thereof, a noncommercial handbill to any occupant of a vehicle who is willing to accept it.

C. No person shall throw or deposit any commercial or noncommercial handbill in or upon any private premises which are temporarily or continuously uninhabited or vacant.

D. No person shall throw, deposit or distribute any commercial or noncommercial handbill in or upon private premises which are inhabited, except by handing or transmitting any such bill directly to the owner, occupant or other person then present in or upon such private premises or, in the case of inhabited private premises which are not posted as further provided in this chapter and unless requested by anyone upon such premises not to do so, except by placing or depositing such handbill on the porch, door or other part of the entrance of the dwelling on such premises in such a way as to secure or prevent such handbill from being blown or drifted about such premises, sidewalks, streets or other public places and except that mail boxes may not be used when so prohibited by federal postal regulations. The provisions of this section shall not apply to the distribution of mail by the United States. [Amended 3-19-1973 by Ord. No. 73-4]

E. No person shall throw, deposit or distribute any commercial or noncommercial handbill upon any private premises, if required by anyone thereon not to do so, or if there is placed on such premises in a conspicuous position near the entrance thereof a sign bearing the words: "No Trespassing," "No Peddlers or Agents," "No Advertisements" or any similar notice indicating in any manner that the occupants of such premises do not desire to be molested or have their right of privacy disturbed or to have any such handbills left upon such premises.

§ 118-18. Violations and penalties. [Amended 6-21-1971 by Ord. No. 71-12; 12-16-1974 by Ord. No. 74-32; 10-16-1978 by Ord. No. 78-26]

Any person violating any of the provisions of of this chapter shall upon conviction be punished in accordance with the general penalty provision as set forth in Chapter 1, General Provisions, Article 1.

Anyone else annoyed over unsolicited 'free' papers thrown on their property?

Is there a no-littering ordinance in Metuchen? If so, what is the fine for repeated violations?

My beef (trivial perhaps) is with the unsolicited papers (in plastic bags) that are dumped all over town.

I've requested over half a dozen times in the past few years to not have it thrown on my property, yet it continues.

Apparently I am not the only one who doesn't read this 'advertisement-laded garbage disguised as news' dumped all over town, because I see them all over the streets as I drive the kids to school.

Can Metuchen enforce any existing ordinance or does a new one need to be created? Can the newspaper company be fined if they do not observe the request of the homeowner or should the person throwing out from their vehicle be issued a littering summons (I have their license plate number - NJ: WSL-54M)?

What if every advertiser out there decided this was a great way to circumvent the cost of a postage stamp?

Manyy thanks to Metuchen Matters for providing a place to rant about this annoyance (as well as a place to learn how others in town feel over a variety of issues.)

Donaldson Park
City: Highland Park, NJ
Features: Dog Park Info: Right up against the Raritan River. Next to Edison/ New Brunswick. Fenced off area consisting of playground wood chips in the center and grass around the outsides on all sides. Three benches for owner's to relax. Big fenced area for dogs to run around. Clean up bags and garbage on site. Once you enter Donaldson Park, head left ...past the tennis courts. Enjoy! Hope to see you there! Very nice View!
Doggeek.com Dog Park User Rating:

Will the Know Your Liability forum be taped and broadcast on MeTV?


I don't mind if people walk their dogs on the greenway, as long as they scoop the poop and use a short leash. I don't like those long expandable leashes. How can you control your dog when it is twenty feet away?

Here's a question - why do people bring their dogs to the Fair? Is a big crowd of people with lots of little children really a good place for a dog? Even the friendliest dog can be unpredictable. I know some people think of their dogs as their children, but really, it's not the same.

Keep your dog in your yard and away from the greenway. Bad enough we have to deal with all the trash thrown in there by the people who live along it.

Those dogs aren't going to grow up and pay for your social security.

Actually it would be used by dog owners who are also tax payers. How much of my taxes go to schools to educate other peoples children ? All you really need for a dog park is fencing and it could be done tastefully. And there is no reason why the open space cannot be used for a Dog Park and the mythical Greenway.

That open space is slated to be a trailhead park for the Greenway and is owned by Middlesex County. I wouldn't want to see it cluttered up with advertising. The little league monopolizing and advertising on Green Acres land is annoying enough. Now you think we should devote a park the county paid 1.3 million for to dogs?

What about the large open space by the Kinder Castle for a dog park? I think Woodbridge has a dog park on "open space". I think a dog park would be great for the town. Any type of dog function (L'Oreal has a Dog Day fund raiser in Cranford that attacts at least 1000 people and venders) could bring revenue and visitors into town. Maybe a nice dog park would attract a dog/pet item store that you see in other towns. Funds could be raised by selling ad space on signs around the dog park fencing much like little league does or sell the naming rights.You would be suprised but dog park regulars do a good job of policing themselves and new dog owners in terms of cleanup.You could also look at the educational benefit of the park by putting up signage giving info and history about service, police, military, search and rescue dogs. Demos and events could be held for the schools in town by various dog handlers and agencies. Overall a nice dog park would be a benefit to the town.

Are you aware of how many paraistes dogs can pick up in a dog park? Most vets will tell you,it is not the place to take your dog. Who would keep the dog park clean? I don't want my taxes paying for that.

Dogs should never be allowed to run off leash when not in a dog park. How are we, the non dog owners, supposed to know if your dog is friendly. That it will not jump on our kids, etc.

But many dog owners do follow rules and should not be penalized for the few that may not.

My guess is when they have tried to enforce it the parents of the children called to complain.

The publicity surrounding the recent death of actress Natasha Richardson from a fall should certainly alert people to the seriousness of the issue. I never wore a bike helmet as a kid but I wear one now, even though I don't care for it.

I see kids riding their bikes to and from Edgar School not wearing helmets. See kids all the time on skateboards or scooters without helmets.

Enforcement of the law comes when the knucklehead has an accident and hurts themselves, then when the police show up, they write them a ticket too.

The govt. can't and shouldn't try to protect people from being stupid.

I would really like you to do a piece on the amount of children under 17 who are riding bicycles without helmets, and the fact that the police are not enforcing the law. I see children riding around Metuchen all the time without helmets. I have even seen police cars riding past them and not doing anything. Where is the enforcement?

Some dog owners do not follow the rules that we have now - they run their dogs off leash, they bring their dogs into parks and on school grounds where dogs are not allowed, and they don't scoop their poop.

Even some dog-people don't like dog parks. How do you know the other dogs have had their shots?

Former math teacher Melissa Chinchar in Metuchen would be a good choice. She's in the campbell/Moss directory.

Can anyone recommend a good math tutor for grade school? Thanks!

Dogs being able to run of their leash and socialize can be beneficial to dogs and dog owners....perhaps you do not have a pet...but it is often the case that people with dogs like to have a way of having dogs play together..does not mean dog owners are lazy or that they do not walk their dogs...Walking the dogs as well as running with other dogs is a good thing.

Dogs being able to run of their leash and socialize can be beneficial to dogs and dog owners....perhaps you do not have a pet...but it is often the case that people with dogs like to have a way of having dogs play together..does not mean dog owners are lazy or that they do not walk their dogs...Walking the dogs as well as running with other dogs is a good thing.

I was just out working in my yard and saw quite a few people walking with their dogs who do not live anywhere near me. Seems walking your dog instead of sitting on your duff at a dog park is a popular way to get out and see people in town.

Edison is supposedly building one just across the 287 bridge at the end of Whitman Avenue.

FYI - dogs are not allowed in Oakland Park, or on school grounds, but some people with dogs don't seem to be able to read signs. Or bend over.

Dog Park in Town

Today I woke up wanting to take my small dog for a "play date" with other dogs...When we are walking, he loves meeting new dogs from the town and I like chatting with neighbors that I may not otherwise meet. But I usually have to travel about 20 minutes by car and then I spend time chatting with neighbors from other time (instead of getting to know people from Metuchen)
Has there ever been conversations about creating a town dog run? Somerset has a nice one (by Colonial Park) as well as HIghland Park...
It will provide a great opportunities for metuchenites to get together as well as a great way for dogs to play...

Several ideas that come to mind;

Oakland Park? there is a little hill behind the tennis courts that could be fenced in...doesn't have to be big..

I am sure there are other places in town that could work well...Any ideas?
What do people think about this?

Yes...that is true...sadly..some drivers appear to be in such a hurry that if a car does stop for pedestrians some will try to pass...Even with a sign....I do believe a 4 way stop is the best way to go.

Isn't the point of wanting the four way stop because of all the traffic?! I have stopped for pedestrians at that corner and had people try to pass me. At least now with the sign that is harder for them to do.

My bad, if not a county road then should be doable. Think a speed limit reduction is a great first step. 25, stay alive!

Both of those roads have way, way less traffic than Grove

Grove is not a county road. Certainly not a country road either. 4 way stop would be great! Worked at Lake and High and worked at Main/Plainfield/Christol. Both of those locations have heavy pedestrian usages (park and YMCA) near by just like Grove and Oakland.

Speed bump/4 way stop on one of the busiest country roads in town?

Not going to happened, and shouldn't

Theres a stop sign inf front of my house and people blow through it constantly. And its not out of town people, its Metuchen people (can tell by the bulldog/campell scool magnets).

And they do it over and over and over

There is a light at the corner by the Brainy Boro post office and a child was recently struck dead there.

Great job by the Grove Ave resident who came to last night's council meeting.

Come to a council meeting - that is one way to get the ball rolling. Say, there' s one tonight!

Why not 25 and a 4 way stop? Although the speed bump will slow people down a little, it doesn't help as much as a 4 way stop sign would to help allow people to cross more safely.

I like that speed bump idea. Edison's is right in front of a park too. 25 and the bump

How about 25 mph AND a speed bump (like on Grandview Ave between Route 1 and 514.) This would address the concerns that lowering the speed limit would not be enough and that a traffic light would be too much.

I agree with the comment that children wait and wait and cars do not stop...you are right..maybe 25 mph is not the answer...What else could be done? Any suggestions?

The street is dead?? Never!

The street is never dead! Perhaps between 10-1130 am or so but starting around 6 am and until late at night it is always busy! The weekends are worst ( that is when the children are trying to cross to use the park etc)

25 MPH could be perhaps the best solution - Especially since the Watch for pedestrian sign has been changed 3 times already!!!!
It is insane to think that it appears that we are worried about backups and not the lives of our children!!!!

This needs IMMEDIATE attention! 25 MPH !

I've seen kids at the corner of Oakland, waiting to cross Grove and they wait and wait and wait. There is a crosswalk but no one stops for them. It's a high-use park and a route home from the high school. Something has to be done and I'm not sure lowering the speed limit is enough.

How do we g about asking 25 MPH? Do we create a petition?

Although I disagree that the street is dead during non rush hour since I live on that street (currently 250pm and cars are going by fast one after another) I think that the suggestion of 25 MPH is a great start and makes a lot of sense to see if cars are more careful about pedestrians.

excpet for the people who live nearby. The four way stops you mention are on streets with significantly less traffic than Grove.

right now, only time that corner is busy is morning rush and evening rush. Any other time, it's dead.

But would definetly support moving speed to 25. Think when it changes from Grove further down the road, it is 25.

Four way stop at Grove/Oakland/Henry would be fantastic!

Have there been more accidents at Lake and High? Rose and High? At Main/Christol/Clive? I thought the purpose of four way stops was to decrease accidents.

Many years ago there was a bad accident when a girl was hit crossing Grove from Henry to Oakland on her bicycle. She spent months in the hospital and had lasting scars. I guess if she had died, there would be a light there now? It took several bad accidents before the county agreed to put a light at Woodbridge and Grove.

I think most people would prefer a four way stop to a traffic light. There are three in town already.

Alternatively, how about reducing the speed limit on Grove to 25? It's an entirely residential street.

Four way stops are good if you want more accidents, and traffic to back way up

How would you feel about a four way stop?

Light at Oakland and Grove?

Are you kidding, I will fight this with every thing I can. I am strongly against this and I have alerted neighbors to be ready in case this is moved on.

Don't want or need this at all.

The state repealed one statute regarding stop signs (39:4-8.b.), changed the language, and added a similar statute back in a different section (39:4-197). Hard to keep track!

But it does sound like the town could put a four way stop at Grove Avenue and Oakland Avenue, if it qualifies as a "congested street corner" but may or may not have to notify Edison and the State, if that four way stop was deemed to "place any impact" on roads in Edison or on Route 27.

Under 39:4-197. e., without going to the DOT, municipalities can still pass ordinances "Regulating the passage or stopping of traffic at certain congested street corners or other designated points, including the establishment of multi-way stop controls;"

Now here's a good question, what does "which places any impact on roadways" in an adjoining municipality or county or on a state roadway mean, exactly?

39:4-197. a. Prior to the adoption of any municipal or county ordinance, resolution, or regulation, which places any impact on roadways in an adjoining municipality or county, the governing
board or body of the municipality or county shall provide appropriate notice to the adjoining
municipality or county.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this section to the contrary, any municipal or
county ordinance, resolution, or regulation which places any impact on a State roadway shall
require the approval of the commissioner.

Why would they refer you to the county? Grove Avenue is NOT a county road, and neither is Oakland.

According to the state statute, when a road is within 500 feet of a playground or youth recreational facility, the town can designate a stop intersection by ordinance without State DOT involvement. I wonder if that includes a four way stop?

You have a constitutional right to petition the government. Go for it.

39:4-197 Ordinance, resolution, regulation on matters covered by chapter.

39:4-197. Except as otherwise provided in R.S.39:4-8, no municipality shall pass an ordinance or resolution on a matter covered by or which alters or in any way nullifies the provisions of this chapter or any supplement to this chapter; except that a municipality may pass, without the approval of the commissioner, and consistent with the current standards prescribed by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways, ordinances or resolutions, or by ordinances or resolutions may authorize the adoption of regulations by the board, body, or official having control of traffic in the public streets, regulating special conditions existent in the municipality on the subjects and within the limitations following:


j.Designating any intersection as a stop intersection and erecting appropriate signs, on streets under municipal jurisdiction if that intersection is located within 500 feet of a school, or of a playground or youth recreational facility and the street on which the stop sign will be erected is contiguous to that school, playground, or youth recreational facility. The municipal engineer shall certify to the following in regard to the designated site in which a stop intersection is being designated: (i) that both intersecting streets are under municipal jurisdiction; (ii) that the intersection is within 500 feet of a school, playground, or youth recreational facility as defined herein; and (iii) that the intersection is on a street contiguous to a school, playground, or youth recreational facility. A claim against a municipality for damage or injury under this subparagraph for a wrongful act or omission shall be dismissed if the municipality is deemed to have conformed to the provisions contained in this subparagraph.

(Bummer for Edison, the state repealed the statute that enabled municipalities to erect stop signs on any municipal streets wholly within the municipality that do not connect with streets in any other municipality. Hope they put up all the stop signs they wanted. Didn't repeal the speed hump statute though.)

39:4-8.10 Construction of speed humps, traffic calming measures by municipality, county.

2. a. Pursuant to the provisions of section 3 of P.L.2004, c.107 (C.39:4-8.11), a municipality or county may, without the approval of the commissioner, construct a speed hump on two-lane residential streets and on one-way residential streets under municipal or county jurisdiction with a posted speed of 30 mph or less and which have fewer than 3,000 vehicles per day. The board of directors of any corporation, or the board of trustees of any corporation or other institution of a public or semipublic nature not for pecuniary profit, having control over private roads, may construct or provide for the construction of a speed hump on any private road subject to the provisions of Title 39 of the Revised Statutes, pursuant to P.L.1945, c.284 (C.39:5A-1 et seq.).

b.Pursuant to the provisions of section 3 of P.L.2004, c.107 (C.39:4-8.11), a municipality or county may, without the approval of the commissioner, construct traffic calming measures where appropriate, which may include, but are not limited to, speed humps on streets under municipal or county jurisdiction with a posted speed of 30 mph or less and which have fewer than 3,000 vehicles per day when any road construction project or repair of a street set forth in this subsection is undertaken and located within 500 feet of that street is a school or any property used for school purposes.

c.Prior to a municipality or county constructing a speed hump which places any impact on roadways in an adjoining municipality or county, the governing board or body of the municipality or county shall provide appropriate notice to the adjoining municipality or county.

d.Prior to a municipality or county constructing a speed hump which places any impact on a State roadway, the county or municipality shall obtain the approval of the commissioner.

L.2004, c.107, s.2; amended 2005, c.221; 2008, c.110, s.5.

39:4-8.11 Conformance of speed humps to DOT standards.
3.Any speed hump constructed by a municipality or a board of directors or trustees shall conform in design and construction to the technical standards established by the Department of Transportation.

A municipality or board shall provide advance warning, including but not limited to, the erection of appropriate signs giving notice of the presence of speed humps before the first speed hump in a series of speed humps and provide for a pavement marker to be placed at the location of the first speed hump. The signing and pavement markings for a speed hump shall conform to the current standards prescribed in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways as adopted by the Commissioner of Transportation.


Over the past two years we have noticed an increase in traffic on Grove Ave near the tennis courts. In addition to more traffic, it seems that drivers are more aggressive since a pedestrian crossing sign was installed a year ago. In fact, the sign has been replaced three times due to being run over! Not only is it a place where commuters wait for the jitney but children cross to go to the park.

When we've asked the town about getting a stop sign or a traffic light, we were referred to the county. When we asked the county, we were pointed towards the town administration. What will it take to get someone going - are we waiting for an accident to happen? We would like to see a traffic light installed at the intersection of Grove Ave and Oakland Ave. What do you think we should do? Start a petition?

What is going on in Metuchen. I walked past Luccas coffee shop and see they have been evicted. Does anyone know what is going on?

The Garden Club meets on Feb. 3 at the Metuchen Public Library at 7pm. see you there.
Brian Hajjar

It was in The Sentinel. If you've already recycled the paper, you can always access their community bulletin board listings on their web site. It says the Garden Club will meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 PM at the Metuchen Library. The number to call for more information or their daytime schedule is 732-548-7559.

Do you know when the metuchen garden club meets and where? There was something about a meeting for Feb in the paper a few weeks ago but I lost it. I appreciate you posting this information on the calendar. Thanks!

blog blog blog

I appreciate the Edison content. I'm walking distance from Metuchen and I'm glad to see that this blog covers both towns. Thanks

Thanks for the comment and the link suggestions, we'll add them today.

We've already conducted interviews with the candidates and starting Thursday we'll be posted one each day. Topics covered include empty stores, the development of the former Stop and Shop property, and more.

Thank you for doing this. A couple of things, why is there so much on Edison? I thought this was "Metuchen Matters"? Where is the coverage on the council candidates, issues affecting Metuchen e.g., empty stores downtown, update on the Stop and shop property, etc. Also, could you include links to Citizens for Quality Education, a prominent school group advocating for all Metuchen children, and also could you link the school PTO website pages and the PT Council, each school and Council have their own. The PT Council is linked through the district website and the others through the individual schools. Thank you again.

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