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We had a very pretty end of the street garden - until a neighbor who lived behind the fence at the dead end sprayed it all with weed killer! Now we have dead and dying plants. We're all upset!

We did this on our street, everyone enjoys the flowers, we picked up the garbage and made the "dead end" a colorful, happy looking street. Even the kids helped. Isn't that what going green, being green, and Earth Day is all about?

Are you talking about planting flowers at the end of a dead end street? I say, "GO AHEAD!!!" Help keep our "small town USA" looking cheerful and pretty! It's a sad person who doesn't like flowers!

Number to call?

Isn't it just a bunch of volunteers that meet every other month?

Might want to check the town calender and go to the next meeting, they are open to the public

You know what, maybe the shade tree commission would be helpful to people who want to help beautiful areas. Do you have a number to call?

No trees can be planted, just flowers. I live on the street or one like it - we (3 neighbors) went to check this out - no "permits" issued or requied for this - just throw out some wildflower seeds and enjoy!

According to the ordinance, the shade tree commission is also in charge of planting stuff.

§ 10-1. Jurisdiction.

The regulation, planting, care and control of shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery upon and in the streets, highways, public places, parks and parkways of the borough, shall be exercised by and be under the authority of a commission, which shall be known as the Shade Tree Commission of the Borough of Metuchen.

Actually, I checked - this is a very small sliver of land. No permit required and it's fine to plant flowers. There was one small tree growing, but another neighbor (from behind a fence - without a view of this sliver) cut it down. The shade tree commission isn't involved but that is a good point!

Shouldn't be a problem, the poster said they want to plant stuff, not cut it down.

Or get a free xmas tree.

Careful that land could be under the jurisdiction of the shade tree commission. Unauthorized shrubbery!

Do you have a small "town land" section in your neighborhood that you or a group of neighbors have gotten together and beautified by planting flowers? How did it turn out? We have a section like this at the end of our dead end street. We're interested in hearing how it was received. These beautification projects seem popular, colorful, and generally beneficial to all.

Can you reverse the comments on the Misc Talk page so the newest stuff is at the top? Or archive the old stuff?

Michael Jackson, hes was the King of Pop!

What's up with the mourning bunting on Boro Hall? Who died?

Here's a question for the school district. Why did they take the budget information off the web site? One of the exhibits they had was an enrollment chart by grade going back ten years - very useful information.

They should have all the board policies on the web, all the minutes from their meetings, all the exhibits to the agendas. In short, all public information should be publicly available on the web site. Requiring people to go to BOE HQ to get information wastes their time and the time of the BOE staff. And not everyone can get there when they are open.

Even if you don't have a computer, you can go to the library until 9 PM Monday through Thursday and get a librarian to help you get stuff off the internet.

The new walking path around Myrtle Field has been installed.

Whoa. Scary banner today.

On Thursday evening May 14th at 7PM The Forum Theatre will host a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the future plans for The Forum and it's impact on local businesses in the downtown district, both north and south Main Street.
We are looking for a core of volunteers to assist us in helping us save this historical jewel. Everything from carpentry, landscaping, painting, carpeting to general repairs and refurbishing the marquee.
Anyone interested in helping to bring independent and foreign films as well as children's theatre and concerts back to Metuchen should attend. We would like to hear from everyone.
Let's bring the arts back to Metuchen!
For further info please contact
and visit our website at
We hope to see you at the theatre.

So if they are going to rigorously enforce the tree laws - isn't there a law against putting signs on trees. Saw "For Rent" signs stapled to a tree in front of 344 Middlesex Ave.

Is it true that councilman Dyas is not seeking re-election?

NATIONS FOR JESUS (NFJ) is an international missionary organization dedicated to proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to all nations and demonstrating His love to all people.

We work in areas characterized by poverty, suffering, and spiritual darkness. Our primary fields of activity are Asia and Africa. NFJ conducts evangelistic crusades, establishes Hope Centers for orphaned children, and leads short term mission trips throughout the world.

There are more than 143 million orphaned or abandoned children in the world today, a staggering number equivalent to nearly half of the U.S. population.

Nations for Jesus offers a dynamic approach to helping orphans throughout the world by establishing church-based Hope Centers. These centers are safe places for children who have lost one or both parents.

NFJ’s church based centers address the needs of orphaned children by providing residential care, health care, counseling, spiritual development and educational and vocational training.

The mission of the each center is to help lead children out of poverty to self-sufficiency as well as a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress...” James 1:27


I agree. Do you know how I might be able to contact him?
I haven't found anything online. No contact info or website.

Oh, sorry, that question was directed at the Metuchen Matters people.

Explain please. I don't really understand the question.

How about a story about yourselves? Your about us doesn't tell us anything about you!

Here's the kind of person you need to solicit for donations -

Great news.

You know I am in Peter! Let's get to work Metuchen!!

Many have commented to me that they would like to see The Forum Theatre once again open it's doors as a performing arts center. It is my intention to do just that. I am looking into refurbishing the existing motion picture and sound equipment, the lighting system as well as a general sprucing up of the interior as well as the exterior. We do however need the help of the Town Council, the community and hopefully the Middlesex County Freeholders.
Several Metuchen council members have expressed a very serious interest in the revival of The Forum. A downtown theatre can and should be an asset to the entire community. Look at New Brunswick, Union or Princeton, all communities that are grateful a performing arts institution is in their town. Right now there are many vacant store fronts throughout Metuchen. That was not the case when the theatre was in it's prime. My intention is to start a grass roots movement to Save The Forum Theatre. Alex Dawson of The Raconteur Book Shop on Main Street survives with the support of patrons he has nurtured over the years. Many of whom travel to Metuchen from out of town. It's time to make Metuchen a destination point, not just a commuter train stop with plenty of parking for commuters and very little for businesses.
We need to support ALL businesses throughout town, not just the theatre but the restaurants and the bookshop in an effort to revitalize what was once a thriving hometown shopping district.
The theatre is looking for help from anyone and everyone that would like to get involved with our mission of bringing stimulating, entertaining and educational programming back to the heart of Metuchen.
We would like to put in new seats, carpeting and bring back the Forum Cafe' for patrons attending performances. All of this takes money and hard work. I know we could not have picked a more difficult time than now to raise money for The Forum but volunteer work and donations are just as appreciated. Historically The Arts have thrived during hard economic times. People need an outlet to forget their problems for a couple of hours. That is my intent as well, to make the Forum an Arts Institution where you can bring your children to a musical, see an Independent Film, enjoy a concert or just laugh at Comedy Night.

My email is if anyone is interested in getting involved.

With your help I will bring back The Forum as a viable affordable performing arts center the entire community can be proud of.

Peter Loewy

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